Protein Deals!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mental log

Today was a unique day. Probabily the reason I have actually logged back into the blog. The training is getting harder and longer and life is just life. I showed up at birdshill today to do a swim and a run and I was exhausted and there was not really much food in the house. Before jumping in the water I asked the universe kindly for some energy just to be able to push through this one. The swim was a push from there I pushed myself onto the run i started out with a little kink in my back and running at my usual pace but about 15 mins in my body kicked into some kind of overdrive and i was running at almost race pace but with a stable hr. On the way back I just kept saying thank you, i needed this good run because my last few have been garbage and this was a real confidence booster. By the end of the run i was running 5:45 min mile!!! I finished and i felt amazing and i still feel amazing now. Talk about runners high.

Taker easy out


2100m open water


6.33 miles 6:59min/mile