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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today was a personal mile stone I swam farther then i ever have before. I was difficult and it was a push but I made it and now that experiance is stored in my mind that i have swam double what i need to swim in the race. I felt amazing today and i will continue to feel amazing will the difficult times i will soon face.

Run 6:00 miles avg 7:xx

Run: 3 miles easy
Swim: 90mins 4000m

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feelin It In The Swimmin

The last few swims I have been spoiled to have maximum power and just a really feel good experiance. But Monday was different it was a sruggle. Directly correlated to the poor eating and drinking which occured this weekend. That being said I pushed through the workout. And after another swimmin was taunting me for the weekend of drinking i lapped him on the next set. It was not the best and I did not max my speed by any means but the fact is i finished.

Swim with club 90 mins

The Dark Cloud

Went on a trip this weekend was not exactly ideal for training. But I still managed to get both runs in.

4 miles easy

6 miles build
avg pace 7:45

Surprisingly was able to complete these runs feeling fairly well. I found it to be good mental training because my body was saying you are hungover, but my mind was saying your an athlete and i was able to battle the dark cloud.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Always Finish

Swimming with the club is always a challenge especially because its later on and your tired. It would be easy to call it quits at an hour but the push to 90mins is good for the mental. I had to take a nap before going because I had run eariler in the day but i still finished the workout and it was one of the longest ones todate.


Run: 5x1mile 6:53 pace

Run 5miles easy 7:30 pace
Swim 3800m with club

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Start

Well so far it has been an amazing start to the race season with a PB 5 and 10k> Previous times 23:53 and 46:51 respectiviley. The new PBs are 20:03 and 41:56. And after the 10k I ran another 12k to make it a long run. Anyways it has been a really positive start to the season and i have also started assitant coaching the high school track team.

Sunday 10k race extended to LSD

race: 41:53
total 14miles 105min

Swim with club 90min

Friday, April 17, 2009

Breaking Barriers

It has been weeks since I have entered in here but that does not mean I have taken a break. In fact in the last few weeks I have set some new standerds for myself and seen some of the training pay off. Recently I have swam farther then I have ever gone before, doing swims that are 90 mins anywhere from 3400m-3800m. And I ran a PB 5k at the assinibone park duck pond where the last time I ran I ran a 23:xx and this time I ran a 20:02!!! In the race I did not have my watch on only the pace and the conditions were not ideal. So next 5k will me sub 20 for sure. Another personal accomplishment was running when the weather was absolutly terrible. I went 10miles in wind and rain at 9:00 pm to the disralli and back. Although I was not running at my usual pace this run did amazing things for my mental stamaia. Sticking to the Never Give Up attitude I was also using the phrase The Only Limits Are The Ones We Place On Ourselves. Anyway it will be an exciting next 2 weeks including a 10k race this sunday and the wpg police half marathon on may 3 and I will definetly put more effort into updateing this and keeping track. Out for now Stay Positive.

Easy Run:

4 Miles