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Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Endurance PreRace

After the whole sodium issue from Florida, I have really started to "dial in" my nutrition. Experimenting with different sodium and calorie levels to try and get it just right. By the end of the season I was able to get something down that was working for me at the HIM distance. I took my new knowledge and also put together a decent Olympic distance race.

After gaining confidence in my nutritional judgement I decided to look at other products which I could begin to incorporate to enhance performance further. After reading many good articles on First Endurance PreRace I decided to give it a try. I used it in training to see how I would react and all went well. No shakes jitters nothing of the sort. Was able to comfortably take it, workout, and had no issues getting to sleep at night.

This past weekend was my first real test with it, where I raced a half marathon. Sure enough I PRed with a time of 1:23:54. I took in 1 heaping scoop of First Endurance PreRace 30-45 mins before the race mixed with water. Felt light and felt good. What I noticed with the product is it mixes with just about anything and it doesn't even taste that bad straight up with just water. My personal experience with the product if I had to put it into words, would be that it makes the "hurt" less. My heart rate was still up and I was still working but our best friend pain had a little smaller of a voice. I was able to stay calm cool focused and in control of the race.

Overall I am a big fan of First Endurance PreRace. I believe that it does live up to all of its claims increasing both performance and focus. That said don't take this product and expect to turn professional, that's not its intended purpose. But it will help you to achieve your best on that big day!!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

What a Ride

Well I haven't posted in a while and for good reason. So lets look over the rest of the summer. As we can see from my last post liberty went well. Still beat up by the heat but better none the less. I came out of that race fired up I was confident and ready to go for Morden on July 11. But sometimes the mistress of endurance racing just does not want you out there that day.

Although its September I remember that race clear as day. I was pumped up I really wanted to go out there and smash it. I swam good comfortably off the front with a time of 32:07. Nothing spectacular just a good hard effort.

To the bike!! Nice flat course new bike rocking a disc ready to crush and...........flat tire right out of T1. Its ok stay calm fix it and hammer down. All is well untill about 35 miles in and....... another flat. I could not believe it I was ready to be picked up day was over. After about 20 mins on the side of the road another athlete threw me his spare tire and I was able to ride into town and get running. Bike time 3:12:59.

By the time I hit the run mentally I was out of it and my nutrition was all off because my effort was so varied. I jogged through the heat with a 1:46:17

Total time was 5:31:22

Whatever I was over it, on to the next,  but life had other plans. I had raced Morden on the Saturday and was back at work on Monday. All was normal, but then on Tuesday minding my own business driving my tractor I was rear ended on the highway by van moving at high speed. This send my tractor rolling into the ditch. I had my seat belt on and did not suffer any "real" injuries. But because of the momentum of the impact I did suffer a fairly severe case of whiplash. That pretty much finished off my race season. For the rest of the summer it was just doctors, physios and massage. Just battling to get back to the basics of swimming biking and running. Talk about a set back.

So with a full 1 year season ahead of me its time to make it happen. Time to over come this setback and rise to the top. The dream is still alive, I dodged a bullet there and its time to move forward once again. Keep in tune for the progress of recovery and the path to my full potential as an athlete.


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