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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Focus is On Speed

Right now the workouts are short I am only doing between 7-10 hours a week. A nice break from the in season training. But the focus now is speed. I have really pushed this in my running and cycling. I think last year I was to conservitave in my training focusing mainly on hr, and that was it. HR training is effective and it got me up to the distance I need to cover. But now its time to work on speed or intensity. I have found the proper rest times I need to get the most out of a workout and I am really maxing those out. I think part of the increased intensity is just from feeling fresh. By the end of the season I was pretty burnt out. I now think that it was from the pure volume I was doing.

It was really a great day today +2C so I had to run out side. I did a 3 mile tempo run and was aiming to hold 6:45 pace. I blew that away and was able to hold 6:38. At the beginning when I was just laying into the speed I passed another guy running with headphones in and he was like " oh shit" totally scared at the pace that I passed him. It made me feel really good and was a good motive to continue a strong pace. It also reminded me why I dont wear headphones. The guy was totally not present in the moment. If he didnt have the headphones on he would have heard me coming. Running clenses the mind and the body and I am grateful I can appreciate that.

Sport: Run
Duration: 20 min + wu and cd
Distance: 4.8 km
Avg. speed: 14.4 km/h
Avg. pace: 4:10 / km
Intensity: 10

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taking a Toll

Well so far its been a cold snowy winter. I usually dont mind winter. I was riding my bike regularly it was shaping up to be ok. But now its been a consistant -25C (at mid day colder mornings and nights) + windchill (-30 -40) for about a month and I am really getting sick of it. I embraced it at the beginning but I am over it now I would just like it to go away. I see the people outside as I walk into school they dont even look cold. They look like there in pain. People who are cold kind of move a bit to stay warm they breathe heavily. The people I see there face muscles are contracted so tightly its as if they have there head out the window of a car moving 120 km/h. And there not moving, its as if they are frozen still.

On top of that I have developed a soreness in my shoulder. It feels joint related and the weather could be effecting it. It is in my left shoulder, the one that I have broken in the past. I know there is scar tissue in there and it may be causing the soreness. I am scheduled for physio on friday and I remain opptimistic about a quick road to recovery. I think I noticed it early enough that I can tackle the problem get some decent rest and be back to full strength.

In more positive news we have moved into Feburary, moving us closer to spring running season. I plan on initiating a 12 week running plan to break 1:30 in the police service half marathon on May 1. I am sick of being a slow runner and its time to really step it up.