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Friday, January 30, 2009

First Thing in The Morning

The best way to have a great day is to carry energy. What better way to gain energy then from a workout. One of the best times I find to workout is first thing in the morning. It leaves you the rest of the day an you feel great. Tomorrow is a rest day and it is the day were GSP and BJ Penn are fighting gonna be a good one.


90min/ avg HR:124

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eating Right

Today was an organized day there was a lot due and a lot to do. Paper due, presentation due, Survays had to be completed. So when it was time to work out it was like a break. Very enjoyable. I was suppose to work tonight but it fell through and instead I looked at a race bike for the season, which was very exciteing. There is a long ride that needs to be done tomorrow so goodnight.

Bike hill intervals:
Weights upper body:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Squeeze it in

Today was a busy day from start to finish. It is times like this it would be easy to say you have other better things to do then a workout. But if you dont waste time and keep up on your food intake. A workout in the middle of a busy day can give you the energy you need to stay positive. After my Swim this afternoon i felt refreshed and complete. I was a nice break to a busy day.



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Hem

So hopped on the treadmill today to do some intervals and my legs felt really good and strong but I was just gassed on the cardio. To me that is a sign of low iron levels. Because I felt strong I just could not transfer the O2. Anyways it was a solid workout was able to keep the speed up had to take a few breathers but non the less a speed improvment. As for the weight training session I felt awesome lots of power. I am getting very confedient with the squats and starting to make fast improvment. I also signed up for the winnipeg police service half marathon so i am excited and have some new motivation to really work hard on those run workouts. I also have a neffty idea for febuary. But that will have to wait.

1/2hr Run Int
1hr weights

Always Finish

Sorry i missed a day busy busy busy. Its good but its not good when you got no time to train. So the rest day on Sunday worked great totally rejuvanated come monday. The swim workout was tough long and fast. I wasn't able to keep up with the lead group. Thats ok i will be able to come september. The point is even though i fell behind I finished the work out 100%, that is whats important especially in training just finish at 100% that you can do. You will surprise yourself. I did.

Swim with club:
2750m 1hr

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Will See

So I woke up this morning with full intentions of going to work. But it was -40 again and no one wants to snowboard when its that cold. Anyways the arch in my right foot was really sore and I am not sure if it is from running or swimming???? My girlfriend is creative (where when it comes to workin out me not so much) and she reccommended I use the eliptical trainer. This is brilliant. Its like running with reduced impact. But when it came time I ended up doing half hour on that and a half hour running. So we will see how I feel tomorrow. ha ha Anyways time to get the evening started.

1/2 hr elipical trainer
1/2 hr treadmill 7:40 min/mile pace

Friday, January 23, 2009

Feeling Good Going Long

Today I tackled a new swim workout. I have never gone this far in my life so it was new and exciting. I was worried I would bonk or lose energy, but it seems the couple days lieing around at the begining of the week helped me out because i had endless power. Even at the end I still had room for more. At least I know for next time. Anyways my aunt it leavin for a cruise tomorrow so i am off to see her.

Long Swim:
3000m 1hr

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Full Day Full Power

I was on the go from when I woke up till right now which is going to bed. It was a busy busy day and I am gonna be busy for a while by the sounds of it with school work and training. Non the less in the gym today as busy as i was that time was designated for training. And I found I was able to seperate the other stresses and commit to just workin out. Now if only I can find a way to transfer that attention to school???? I will figure it out. I have been tring new things turning my phone off, writing more notes, drinking water to keep brain active. Seems to be working a bit but we will find out after midterms.

1/2hr intervals
avg pace 7:34 min/mile

full lower body


Today I was back at around 90% much improved from monday. Also discovered that the energy bar i comsumed on the long run was recalled which is probabily what made me sick. Sucks but i feel better now and i am strong and ready to go. It was nice outside today and I took the dog "Layla" to the park for the first time in a long time cause of the severe wind chill. I was able to have a solid workout today and it felt good.

Bike on rollers:

1hr intervals 8/4

Jan 20

Today I feel better about 80% much better then yesterday but still drained from the sickness. I made it to the gym today and i was cold sweating like crazy. It was my brothers birthday today he left at 8 am even though he was here for the wrong reasons it was good to see him all the same.

upperbody 1hr

stationary at gym: 1/2 hr


So the "rest" day did not work and i woke up today vilolently sick. I lost the day of training... but i got a real day of rest which is good my girlfriend and mom took care of me. its good to have people that care about you that much. One of my brothers friends died and his funeral was today. It was a slow day hopefully i will be recovered tomorrow.


Joreden Mistelbacher

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The "Rest" Day

Today was a rest day although there was not much of a rest. On the weekends i teach snowboarding at the local ski hill. Dealing with young children in general is a handful not to mention the giant hill the snowboard and the chairlift. Anyways the day is done now and this is when the real rest begins I am gonna go relax with my girlfriend by the fire and enjoy the rest of the evening watching wall-e: Photobucket

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The mental game

When you first look at the distances of an ironman or half ironman for that matter they appear astonishing. But you look at them for a while and finally you sign up to do one. Now on my 5th mounth of training I am doing distances in my leasure time that in highschool i though were a little too much. Today I had a long run to complete. I did two laps of the local park with is 7 miles around once if you stay on the out side of the loop. In highschool i thought this would have been insane. But i am older and wiser now. My nutrition is better, and after one loop i simply pickup my gatorade turned around and headed back the other way without thinking. When i run or to any excercise for that matter I don't listen to music. It keeps the mind active. Your mind is always active and easliy distracted. What is difficult is to keep the mind quiet. After about a lap and a half my mind became quite. It is a peaceful place. It was snowing and finally warmer (-9) and a beautiful day to be outside. I finished the run 11.6 miles and i felt refreshed. It was enjoyable for me to run for that long. It was a beautiful day and i was just running and thats all there is to say.............

Long slow distance:

Distance: 11.5 miles
Time: 1:36:00
Avg pace: 8.19 min/mile
Avg hr: 143

Friday, January 16, 2009

Keepin Busy

The other day I spent the night chillin out. Which is needed....but it drove me insane so today i kept busy really busy. You will see from the workouts it could have been considered a shift at a partime job. Whatever this is what makes me happy and allows me to eat like a pig. I love carbs and the cold is makin be crave them. Anyways out.

Long cycle
2hrs on rollers


Jan 15

Today was an easy day filled with school and a lower body weight work out. Weights are a nice change to the constant endurance workouts. I like keeping busy it makes for a positive day.

Lower body Weights:

Jan 14

The end of the cold is near its suppose to break by Saturday any way good set of bike intervals and a 25min tempo outside was enought for me today. This is how cold it has been in Winnipeg: Photobucket

1hr intervals on rollers

25 min tempo
7:45 min/mile
3.2 miles

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doing More

Today I did more then I planned to do. Unlike last week I was motivated. I am addicted to the high of exercise. Also the fact that it allows me to eat more. I had scheduled to only lift weights today but ended up doing more. The spontanaity of the decision allowed for a clear mental field and it turned out well. Here are some pics of the training tools I am currently using.
Dad's Road bike Specialized Tarmac: Photobucket

My commuter bike which isn't used for any specific training but is a joy to ride. And my girlfriend got me some flashy fast wheels for Christmas:

The rollers which are a Hoot:

And to keep me on pace a Garmin Forerunner 305:


30mins intervals including hill
avg pace 8:00min/mile

Upper body

Monday, January 12, 2009

Violent Cold

The cold in Winnipeg is like no other it is violent percing cold. It will actully sometimes hurt you when you first step into it. All it does is make it that much harder to leave the house. But I have no choice but to get to the pool and finish the work out. The pool being a good half hour away doesn't help but I have turned it into a relaxing drive where i tune out the rest of the day and prepare for the swim. Where the ride home is always satisfying as it is post workout and I can begin to fantasize of a post workout snack.

1hr/2200m/ various drills

Workouts When Your Tired

It was a busy weekend. Saturday was a day off but There was still lots of running around to be done. And sunday was a full day of work teaching little ones how to snowboard. Although I was exhasusted from the day I knew that mentally I need to get the longer run of the week done. I decied to do a new route turns out it was shorter then I thought. At least i know for next time. But what was important is that even though i was tired the workout went well. It went better then some of the workouts I plan for. This one will be kept in the mental log for race day. To prove that i have more left in the tank then i think.

Sunday Longer Run

Distance:7.30 miles
Time: 59:35
Avg pace" 8:10 min/mile
Avg hr: 151 bpm.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of workouts, keep me motivated and to keep positive as I tend to let the pessimistic side get the best of me. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will load up some picks up my training gear ie watch, bikes, and other training tools. Today was good I was up early and on the bike in the basement as it is very cold here. Riding inside can also drive you insane. Anyways out for now.

Bike 1:15:00
Avg speed: 20mph
Avg Hr: 140
on roller trainer

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Blog

I heard writing a journal is good for you so why not start a trendy blog.