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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well That Was Short Lived

Just got an email from 5150 yesterday telling me the race is cancelled. Just peachy. Of course its after I book everything for the trip and now I am going to get dinged for cancelling flights and everything. What a pain in the ass.

I guess I will be training like a pro in the off season now. Its probably for the better my shoulder needs a lot of treatment anyways. I am not going to dwell on it. It sucks but I am sure with the extra time I have I will find something to do.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living Like a Pro

That's the goal this month. I got laid off at the end of September and squeezed into 5150 Clearwater, because I loved being in Florida and it gives me a goal for the month of October. I am going to live like a pro.

I have watched dozens of training day videos of all my favorite pros, and I dream of being able to go through a day like that. Where your main focus is your training, and everything else comes second. Yes I am in school but only one class, and that comes second. Right now I am eating sleeping and breathing training. I know its only a month, but I am very excited to see what I can get out of myself on this race. I guess it also helps that I just PR'ed a half marathon my 6 mins. Needless to say my tires are pumped up.

So far its going well, it is not even a real life change. I was doing it before but I had the inconvenience of an 8 hr job in the middle of my day. So even though I am training more it really doesn't feel like it. I am more relaxed and more recovered.

I am still a little tight from the half marathon pr on the weekend but a little rest will fix that and I will be good to go by next week. Check back for updates on me training like a pro!

Train Smart


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Operation Half Marathon Revenge Accomplished

After my running performance in Vegas, needless to say I was discouraged with my running abilities. I had really put focus on my running this year with some intensive focus in the early season. I had an opportunity with an early season half, and was not given an opportunity to fully perform. As hard as I tried it was just not a pr day. Report can be re capped here.

Coming into this race I was not feeling 100 percent either. The cold weather is setting in and I have put on a few pounds especially after racing Vegas and relaxing a bit. I also woke up tight. But I needed to put that aside and do what needs to be done, RACE a half marathon. Not run it race it.

Once we arrived at the race site and the caveman in me fired up. I was feeling better I was feeling competitive. Not full out jacked, but willing to run. There was competition there lots of fit people and another guy that I know goes sub 1:20 (we will refer to him as sub 1:20 guy). I tried to stay focused and just get loose.

Time flew by and in no time we were lined up. After the speeches the gun went off. I immediately pulled in behind sub 1:20 guy and took his draft for as long as possible. But he was running at sub 1:20 pace and slowly pulled away. Mentally I blocked that out I was starting out feeling good and I liked that. The first 2 miles were good well below the 6:45 pace I was looking for. I believe I was closer to 6:00-6:20 ish. Then the race changed..

Since this was a muti distance race offering a 5k, 10k and half marathon distance there was a turn off for a 5k loop. The sub 1:20 guy took that turn off. I was now leading the half marathon. My mind set shifted. This could be my race, I was feeling good, it was a nice day, and I was in first place.

Through the first 10k loop I stayed strong. So strong in fact I pr'ed my 10k with a time of 39:30. Saw it on the watch I was greatful and then shifted my mind to staying strong on the second lap and avoiding my typical 10 mile shut down. Knowing I had a buffer I backed off a bit and tried to stay even and paced. Surging when I had the opportunity and pacing when it was time.

The second lap was longer and felt like it never ended. I didnt start really suffering until the 12th mile and then I was digging. The race just looked so good on the watch I wanted to keep the numbers where I they needed to be I knew I was paced to break 1:30 the question was by how much??

Coming into the final stretch I helped another participant to finish strong and then started my sprint. I never looked back the whole race, until the end, to see that no one was even close. I saw the clock was reading 1:25 high I knew I was gonna be in the 1:26 bracket so I soaked in the whole race. I double pr'ed, I broke 1:30, and I am finishing first! I cruised across the line arms up!!! Totally thrilled.

You just always gotta come prepared. You never know when your going to have that race. Race every race like it is the most important race of your life, always do your best and you can never have regrets. Your best is always going to be changing, but you need to adapt to the situations. I am just really grateful I was able to conquer some personal barriers that day and it worked out well.

Winkler Half marathon


10k split 39:30

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Revenge Weekend

Well it has come time, I am coming into what I am calling revenge weekend. I am running a half marathon on Sunday and I am kicking its ass. My goal this year was to break 1:30:00 which with my built and training hours should be no problem. I got robbed by the blizzard in may for the police service and that was the only half I had scheduled all season. I put up a nice time of 1:38:52 in RI at the end of a HIM so I dont see why there should be a problem for me crushing 1:3o:00. I made sure to take adequate rest after Vegas and then I nailed down some solid run focused weeks. I am feeling good about this race, the weather has been good and I race the course last year. Its a two looper so I can get a good even split. But I plan on killing it. I am going to try and stay even the first lap run with cola in hand and not have a typical Davis mile 10 shut down. Anyways wish me luck race report will be up Sunday hopefully.