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Friday, October 30, 2009

All night

Last night was good arrived home from toon town did a quick interval workout on the rollers and was off to the bar with Kelcie to see a band. I bought the first round of beers and threw the change in the vlts and ended up winning all my money back so that was nice.

I was able to sleep a bit this morning which was nice although when I went to the washroom to take my morning pee Kelcies dad walked in and scared the crap out of me ha ha.

After that fiasco I made it home and headed out for a quick tempo run. I love runnning at this time of year it is the perfecet temperature, and it felt really good to go fast.

Now my day is capped off by working an all night rave at pantages. Ugh tomorrows workouts will be tough.

Tempo run
6.44miles/7:25 pace/ avg hr 160

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a Trip

What a crazy trip!!! Between meeting dave at blockbuster and going to the blades game it was needless to say unbelieveable. Chad and I ran the show out there it was amazing. And all we did was have way too much fun. We were in the honney moon suite and we just had an absolute party. We also stayed at my uncles on the way home. He is a beauty just the best host.

While I was in saskatoon i ate like a pig and still got a 2000m swim in and a 30 min bike + weights. I will have to write more with chad later.

Oct 27
Swim 2000m /45 min

Cycle :30:00:00

rest travel

Cycle on rollers
10 min cool down

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are baaaacck

Well it was an early morning and back on the road with chad. The drive started out with a shit kicking from tim hortons. I work in the service industry and the service we recieved un acceptable. The clerk screwed up everything coffees and could not understand the cream cheese order on the bagles.

Stopped to see my uncle in white city. And averaged 140kmh on the way here ha ah. Run went well



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tom tom

Last night ended up going late for me. Didn't end up hittin the sack till about 2 if not later and I was up again before 8 to help my mom and aunt out at the gym. That was an experiance in itself, my mom is like a kindergarden child. Whats this o look at him hes strong...... so embarassing. However my aunt was focused and had a great workout.

After the gym I hoped on the bike and started out on the long ride. Today was much better then last week started into a mild head wind and then at the turnaround there was a nice push on the way back. I made it the whole way to the bridge to nowhere and back it was good to conquer that cause i got beat last week.

After the ride I quickly packed for Saskatoon and then went to work. Tonight was interesting it was fairly calm until a guy named tom came up. Tom was drinking rhum and coke and tipped 5 dollars on every round. Tom made the night and ended up giving us around $40. All in all a great day.

Long Ride:
2:35:00/52 miles/30.7 kph

Jam packed

I didn't work my day job today but for some reason it was still an incredibly busy day. I was woken up by a phone call to go for coffee which i could not turn down. After coffee I was able to make it out for a quick run which was really enjoyable. Then it was off for some food. Had lunch with my old boss from the city, that was interesting. Then after that I went straight to the pool for a moderate swim and from there straight to work.

Work was good John Prine. Some old country singer. Who cares made a bunch of money in tips which me and the other bar tender blew on booze right after the show hahahahahahah.

5.02miles/7:30 pace/ 37:19


Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Elderly

The morning started with my favorite part of the day which is coffee. Coffee was followed by a quick dog walk. I have been asked to go back to toon town so I had to observe a seniors class for the class I am in. I dunno if I could ever work with seinors all day. They are fun but everything moves at the pace of a turtle. I got some god information but i am not looking forward to gettin old.

After that was done I went to work laying sod. I enjoy labour it makes you feel good at the end of the day.

When I got home a squeezed in a quick cycle to lockport and back it was good my legs felt a bit tight I am assuming its from moving all the sod. I tried to make it back before dark but its a good thing i strapped a light on cause I did come home in what was almost pitch black.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Shit I didn't blog yesterday I am a slacker. I didn't even notice I forgot. The days might as well all be one big day I cant tell the differance anymore. What did I do yesterday??? I dunno I worked in the morning then eventually made my way to the gym for a bike run and a weight session. After that I went to the movie where the wild things are that was one of my favorite books as a kid. The movie turned out really well too.

Today well today was just as busy as yesterday I worked in the morning blowing out sprinkler systems with my friend its interesting work fairly easy but interesting. After the houses started getting spaced out we called it a day. around 1 or so. It was a good thing to because from the second I walked in the door I pretty much did not get off the phone. I was tring to set up appointments to observe a class for an assignment i have due. and it has to be done before the weekend because i am heading back out to Saskatoon on Sunday.

With my absent mind I also managed to forget my keys in the work truck. Little did I know this would kick me in the ass later. When I got home after my night class I could not get in the house not only that I went to get my girlfriends set of keys only to realize that they were on my key ring as well. Fuck I need to pay attention.

Bike: 30 min intervals YMCA
Run: 30 min intervals YMCA
Weights 60 min

Rest Day

Monday, October 19, 2009

Brain off Swim on

For some reason I just keep finding work. Suppouseitly there is or was a recession going on and it is suppose to be hard to find a job. In the last month I have gotten laid off from the city, then went to Saskatoon to work for green drop for a week. When I got back from there I worked at green drop for a week. And when that was done I now have started working with my friend who has his own business, and i might be getting sent back out of town for work.

Todays work was blowing the water out of sprinkler systems. It was interesting work kinda fun walking around and finding the boxes in the yards. Its just good to be up and moving all day rather then sitting in a chair.

I decided because I finallly had time and because it wasn't a holiday to go and swim with the triathlon swim club. I like swimming with the club its exciting. Throughout becoming a triathlete swimming has really grown on me. I no longer have an issue swimming by myself. It used to bore the hell out of me but I dont mind it now. Anyways the advantages of swimming with the club are you try about 3x as hard the workouts are planned and you dont even have to count the laps if you swim behind someone. Its great as you swim brain off swim on thats all you have to do its really good for a higher intensity workout.

Swim with club:

60min/2300m/higher intensity

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Be Greatful

When you train everyday you really get to know your body. You also learn when it functions best yada yada yada. Some workouts such as yesterdays are just absolutly aweful some are great and some stay with you and you even think of them while your racing.

Today started out good I had a good sleep and I was not rushed in the morning it was a relaxing start for once. It was a beautiful day out today, and Kelcie pulled me along to a spirtual conferance. I am spirtually open minded so I was curious to see what was involved.

When we arrived right away I noticed that the energy in the room was over whelming. Very powerful positive energy I felt invigorated. We first watched a guest speaker she was good she talked about being calm when life gets hectic. Also to listen internally to your intuition which we do not do enough of.
I also got my cards read today. That was very powerful and eye opening.

After we were done there I went to Kelcies and took a quick nap. Then finally at around 6 I made it out on my long run. Todays run was different it was effortless the entire time and I was running at what I thought was a great pace. The entire run I just felt strong. And I just got stronger the more I ran. I ran the last few miles at about a 6:40 pace which for me is pretty good.

When the run was finished needless to say I was amazed. All I could do was be grateful for that amazing experiance.

Long Run:
1:15:00/10miles/7:33pace/avg hr 153

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goin Cruzin

Somedays are bad days some days are good ones and some are just epic. Today was an epic day. It started out with a sleep in because of the party last night. I then quickly got on to the bike for a 2.5 hr ride. I turned around to come back and I couldnt make it back in time for work so I had to get picked up. The wind was 40 gusting 60 and it was not even enjoyable and the its not vital to be pushing yet either.

I worked pantages tonight. Still my favorite job. Anyways it was a comdey fundraiser and there were raffle prizes. I had a good night in tips and my girlfriend talked me into buying a few tickets. I put them in the big draw. When the numbers came I looked at them and went to the theathre to check them with Kelcie. The numbers looked familer. I had to do a double check. So I did and we were one number off so i asked kelcie if she had one more ticket. And we had the fuckin winning ticket. Davis and Kelcie won a trip to the carribian!!

We capped the night off by celebrating with my drunk mom and aunt and my other stoned aunt. What a life. Its a Good Life


Iron party

I loved my job today. Awesome day. Just do work. Got to work and straight to coffee with chad with a corrot muffin. It was very tasty. I only had 24 lawns to do and I went and saw bear at lunch. Bear is my dog layla. but when she was a puppy i snuggled her everyday and now she loves hugs and she is a little bear.
After taking bear for a walk I needed to hit the pool. The pool is always full of weirdos. Its amazing how many people have a awful stroke. I mean I am not michel pheps but my stroke is watchable.
Once that was done it was off to a party in which was a good expreiance. I have to keep reminding myself its the off season. all in all good times.

2700/50min/ drills

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Making a change:
today was very different from on of my typical days. It started out with a trip to the doctors office. Thus resulting in me finally expressing my hatred for the world. Apparently like everything else in the worlds, they have a drug for world hatred to. Im hoping it can be applied to the ego as well. See, i guess underneath what i admit to people, i believe that dealing with this stuff will make me a over all better athlete. Well here goes nothing.
After this excursion went fo breakfast with sharon and then to the gym for a two hour work out. Bike, run and weights. The gym is where all the "pinky" half of all the "pinkies and the brains" meet. A whole lot of testrone and some ridiclus attitudes in a room with a man in tigght shorts????
after this kelcie and i went for sushi and to Souviners (a play). The sushi was to die for... all you can eat there is no other way to do it. And the play.... it was funny.. who dosent like a chezck dad who gets high? The overall message is souviners isnt what you have but what you take with you when you leave. Weather physical or not.
Thats what a perscripton is to today: a souviner of a chance at happiness. Happiness the key to sucess in all ironmen's goals!

30min intervals at the YMCA

30min itervals at theYMCA


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Run for relief

So I thought work would be relaxing today go in do my lawns go home. Instead I go in and boss says I am going with him to shovel dirt I though o fuck. Turns out we waste most of the day and also he is a cool guy to talk to. We talked about everything from metal to his wedding it was truly bizzare. By the end of the day I felt like we were best friends.

I then studied a bit more for my upcoming test today. The test went well I thought. I only got stumped on one long answer. I hate multiple choice I cant ever choose the right answer.

After the test was over I got my first paper from that class back. The mark a D! A fuckin D. What a bitch. even if the paper was weak it was not that weak. I really fuckin hate school it takes a lot of effort and offers really nothing in return.

Anyways I was so stressed out about this I needed to run when I got home I did not care how far, or for how long, I just needed to open up my arteries a bit.

Stress burner Run:

5miles/38:06/7:38 pace

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks Bud.

Today was a great day. A lot better then I thought it would be. This is why I need some help..... Anyways went into green drop this morning and they had routes for chad and I so I guess I have a job for a little while longer. The day fired up with mine and Chads usual tims coffee.

It was great and then i started hammering out lawns. I ended up completing 45 lawns by 12:30. Totally relaxing job sometimes. Didn't see any public all day. Went to aunts for lunch and then met Chad back at the shop.

I was home by 4 and had a good couple hours to study before I hit the pool. I also bought a car today. Its a 92 tercel, its fun, really good on gas and it will get me through lots of training.

I got to the pool around 7:45 cause lap swimming starts at 8. Little did I know they dont take payment till exactly 8. That pissed me off I argued a little with the clerk, but she was really dumb.

I had a good swim felt fairly powerful for the course of the workout. I was barley able to take a break enable to finish cause I barley had an hour if I even got the full hour.

After swimming I had to make a run to Kelcies to grab her cell phone charger. Only her dad was home cause his girlfriend gets hammered and paints ridiculous pictures to flood the walls and the basement of the house. Anyways I went in and said hey, he was tinkering in the basement. Anyways I grabbed the charger and was heading out when he asked if I was going upstairs. I said ya and he asked if I could take a ladder up I said sure and he said thanks bud. It was right then I realized he really does like me. Kelcie always says that I never believe her. But I have known Ken for a while now and the way he said it he actually likes me. Hes super chill talkin to me and always makes sure I eat. haha what a great guy.

Time to hit the sack. But what a day, and I thought I would have nothing to talk about.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Thrid time is a charm

I thought I would be productive today and hammer out homework walk the dog cycle and do it all. Instead it was a slow morning I barley studied before I got fed up and hopped on the bike. I am a terrible student. I hate studying I am aweful at it i get side track by anything even if there is nothing in the room. Kelcie is a great studier she usually forces me to study and I try to use it as motivation but I i just really hate studying.

Anyways so I got fed up of sitting at that fucking desk and I suited up and hit the road. The ride started out good I was tired but at least it was nice out. I had trouble maintaining my usual speeds I guess I was finally gassed from the 2 prior workouts. During the summer i had cycled through some shitty weather but nothing like i was about to encounter. Out of nowhere I found myself in a snowstorm and the road was covered in slush. At this point I yelled at the earth and turned around. the ride back was freezing. When I got home I hopped in the rollers cause I am not one to let a workout go unfinished. The bomber game was on so i got into that and the time went fairly smoothly.

Time: 90min
Speed: under 20 i think??
Avg HR: 131


Well saturday night was fun ended up at a classic Winnipeg wedding social. The food at this one was unbeleiveable pizza pasta perogies they really went all out. It was a fun evening Kelcie and I got fairly drunk but didn't realize it till we got back home. I was kinda funny.

Sunday seemed like saturday I had difficulty differing the two. I woke up and had breakfast at Kelcies. I knew I had to work but I thought it was at 5:30 good thing I checked my email cause I had to be there at noon!!! So I suited up and rode my fixie. It felt good I havent ridden it in a while it was nice and man do my legs hurt today.

I missed my job at pantages it is one of the best jobs I have ever had I cant believe they pay me. Anyways I cycled home and went straight into a run. I had a great run to. The lack of excercise on that trip must have helped.

The night was capped off by watching my brother play. He called me after the game it was good to talk to him. Ever since he moved away him and I have become alot closer. He is really livin the dream out there. Plays hockey gets paid and trains that it. He said he gets homesick but there are always people here for him to talk to.

2x26min 53min/16.6mph/hr110

8miles/61min/7:38 pace

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am a thinker. I think way to much. I wish it would stop. Today was a sad day there was a service for my girl friends grandfather. I only briefly met him but he was an amazing man. He was very sharp unlike most elders whom let there mental capabilities slip. I never really got to experiance his love and compassion but he was very kind to me and just one of the most interesting people to talk to.

My girlfriend Kelcie made and absolutely amazing speech. I was compassionate and it reached out to every single person in the building. She mentioned how her grandfather was so organized and attentive. She doesn't give herself enough credit to how organized and attentive she is as well.

The speech touched me because I know how much she cared for her grandfather and how much he cared for other people. My brain is always turning. Most of the time in the wrong direction. Listening to this speech really made me focus on how much do I care for others??? Not enough. It just saddens me the person I have become. I have always tried to just do the right thing. Help people when they need it, stay healthy, keep working and work hard, Save money, when your out don't be frugal. I always thought by doing these thing life would work out.

So I started thinking why am I not happy??? I do all these things. My life is in order. There are millions out there that have it worse. Why am I not happy??? I thought and thought and I could not find an answer. I have a doctors appointment on
wednesday and it is now time to finally ask my doctor about medications.

Tempo Run:
37:03/5.03 miles/7:22/151hr

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Livin the dream

Chad and I are livin the dream. No parents no boss no girlfriends livin the dream. Its unreal we work 7-6 everyday and party hard. What an amazing trip so far. It has really healed me mentally. No more alsers either. Weve gone to fuddruckers twice whatever. Work is great took the ride on out today.

Chad and I locked ourselves outta the shop today. That was super scary. We tried freezing and picking the lock but we were unsucsessfull. Luckeliy we were able to find the property owner and get the door open.

The day was capped off with an attempted run. I tried running but we are in a business area it was snowing and just plain dangours i ran 4 miles and tried to take it inside but the treadmill could not handle my speed. I tried as hard as possible and right now its just not worth the push.

Tomorrow is another Amazing day!!!



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Put my hands up

The radio here in saskatoon is ridiculous. Its like 10 songs on repeat. One song in particular has become the song of the trip. Mylie Syrus Party in the usa 'put my hands up, there singing my song, partys not goin away yeaaaaaaaa theres a party in the USA". Its hilarious.

Work was good today we worked long and hard.I counld not get a groove goin today. I was outta sync all day. I knew I needed to work out later today.

For lunch we went to fudruckers. This burger place you can make your own burgur. It was insanly american. It was pack with fatties you could order a 1 lb burger it was stupid. Good burgers though.

After a hard days work I was able to make it to the pool. It was good cause my ymca card from winnipeg worked out here. So free swimmin. I just did a qiuick on cause i am not pushin any more i learnt my lesson i dont need to be gettin sick now. Your race schdule is set.

After the work out chad and i went for wings. They were unbelable. When we got back in the truck i said it was a 1 in 9 chance that the song would be on. I start the truck and what do you know? That fuckin song is on. ahahaha

What an amazing day

2000/40 mins


First day working out here in Saskatoon. It is ridiculous all the residential intersections are 4 way uncontrolled intersections. No stop signs no yeilds nothing you just barrel through. It is relitivly dangours.

Its amazing but it worked taking 2 days off actually made me feel better!!! So I will be back at it today if the weather is shit i will probabilay get in the pool.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Loonie Saskatoonie

So the day started out early at 5am. Over to green drop me and my friend chad have been sent out to sasktoon to work for the week. What a gong show we have a bunch of money and work orders but no boss. It is crazy.

Rest Day

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thats it

Thats it! I have pushed to hard for no reason. Since wednesday I have not felt well and I have pushed through a 2 hour cycle and a 1.5 hour swim because I thought the weekend would bring rest and rejouvination. It did not...

Today I ran the CIBC run for the cure. It was my girlfriends first 5k group run or race. Although this run isn't timed its still has a set course and there are 5000 people so its like a race. My girlfriend Kelcie used to be a smoker but she hasn't smoked now for over a mounth and she RAN this 5k which before was un thinkable for her. I am really proud of her for doing it. She did awesome and said she felt great after. She beat all the girls she was running with and when she took on this challange she didn't even know if she could make it the whole way.

My run on the other hand was aweful. I had plans to finish the run and then just continue on and run home to make for an easy 10-11 mile lsd. But 10 mins into the run I was having extremly wet coughs and I was coughing up flem. I have not had a run this unenjoyable in a long time. Thats when I decided Davis this is ridiculous it is just the start of the off season and you are pushing like you are 10 weeks into a peak plan. Give your head a shake.

So for the next couple of days I am gonna lay low sleep well and drink lots of tea and hopfully this will run its course and I can ease back into things again. The only excercise I will continue to focus on is swimming. The motto of "use it or lose it" applys STRONGLY to swimming.

CIBC 5k Run For The Cure

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today was pure stress I don't think I have ever been this stressed out ever. I drove 150kms in the city and it was all useless pretty much and I blew 20 bucks on gas and 20 on hitch balls cause I went draggin. I didnt train today because I thought I could use it as a rest day but it was anything but restful. Woke up at one house drove to another to finish a paper then drove to my grandmas and then drove home to print the paper then drive back to drop off a movie and then back to drop the dog off and then out to ill de chens to drag then back to the girl friends and then home and then back to the girlfriends again. Saturday ya right felt like a monday. We will see how the run goes tomorrow i still dont feel well

Rest day

Friday, October 2, 2009



A lot of the time I will go through my day un noticed. I work by myself I train by myself and by that time its usually time for bed. But today for some reason I was noticed. My boss noticed how hard I worked all summer and gave me an out standing review, and two people at the pool noticed me.

One of them was a man who looked to be in his forties asked me what I was training for so we talked about triathlon. He was a runner who couldnt swim, I recommended he swim at pan am on mondays, as it did wounders for me.

The other person was a elder lady with a stronger accent who stopped me in between one of my sets. "are you a speed swimmer?" she asked. I said "no I do triathlon"."how long does that take?" she asks. "4 to 6 hours" i said. " you are very fast" i said thank you.

I feel like garbage and I have been forcing training the last 3 days. Tomorrow I wanted to do a brick but instead I will just take the day to actually try and recover.



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Purchuse


I made a great purchuse today. I bought myself a pair of louis garneau booties, and they are warm. It was 12 degrees when I started out and about 9 degrees when I finished and it also started to rain. But my feet were toasty.

Last year at this time there is no way I would have gone for a cycle that long in this weather. It just shows what a years worth of training will do to your mental thresholds. There were lots of times over the course of the last year when I pushed myself farther then I had ever gone and it takes your metal threshold and bumps it up one notch. This is another one of those rides.

Long Bike:

37 miles/1:50:00/20mph