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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goin Cruzin

Somedays are bad days some days are good ones and some are just epic. Today was an epic day. It started out with a sleep in because of the party last night. I then quickly got on to the bike for a 2.5 hr ride. I turned around to come back and I couldnt make it back in time for work so I had to get picked up. The wind was 40 gusting 60 and it was not even enjoyable and the its not vital to be pushing yet either.

I worked pantages tonight. Still my favorite job. Anyways it was a comdey fundraiser and there were raffle prizes. I had a good night in tips and my girlfriend talked me into buying a few tickets. I put them in the big draw. When the numbers came I looked at them and went to the theathre to check them with Kelcie. The numbers looked familer. I had to do a double check. So I did and we were one number off so i asked kelcie if she had one more ticket. And we had the fuckin winning ticket. Davis and Kelcie won a trip to the carribian!!

We capped the night off by celebrating with my drunk mom and aunt and my other stoned aunt. What a life. Its a Good Life


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