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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trim Swim and A Cycle

Well I was up early today I had an appointment to get my beard trimmed properly. On the way I had to take the snow blower in to get repaired. It has started to piss oil out of the side. I had to put it in my low rider truck, it looked pretty funny but I got it there safe. When I arrived the lady in the service department said were not taking snow blowers yet cause we are expecting more lawn mowers next week its suppose to be 20. I thought to myself "Your turning away business depending on the weather?". I work in service at the bike shop and we ask people if they don't mind taking it home because we are getting full but we will never turn a bike away. That's just bad business. So I was a little pissed and I was driving away and I stopped. Thought to myself "No, all my life i let people do this fuck this." I called the manager and told him what I thought. He said hold on I will call you back. Sure enough he called me back in 5 min said we will take it but you might not get it back for a few weeks. I said that's fine I don't expect it to snow for a few weeks I am just being proactive.

So when I got back there, this short haired typical looking bitch continued to give me attitude. But this time I let her have it. Its not her business so why is she turning down money. The owner was nice, that's why I went back, that and I didn't want to have it in my truck down town it would get stolen. So we will see what happens there.

Once that was all dealt with I went to see Alvin and got a professional beard trimming. He was great a real old style barber with a straight razor. Man that felt nice. I didn't know this but he used to do tri's with my dad back in the 80's. It was a neat experience and the beard turned out great.

My dad and I met for sushi lunch by his office, and got some new jeans. Its always nice to get a new pair of jeans. A lot of mine are faded pretty bad so I was happy with the choice.

Around 1:30 I got into the pool for a speed swim. With yesterdays power house swim on my mind I carried that good energy through to today. Although I didn't feel as strong as yesterday I still had a solid swim.

After that I had a meeting with the endocrinologist. He told me everything is good.
I finally got on my bike around 8. But ended up cutting it short because I ran out of day light. The cons just out weighed the pros on the ride and Kelcie came and scooped me up.

Duration: 1 hr 10 min
Distance: 3500.0 m
Avg. speed: 0.8 m/s
Avg. pace: 2:00 / 100 m
Intensity: 7

Duration: 1 hr 00 min
Distance: 30k
Avg. speed: 30k
Intensity: 3

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well I ment to get at least one workout done early. That didnt happen. I spent the morning drinking coffee and playing on the internet. Then finally I got a friend to come over, which kind of motivated me to get moving.

We finished screwing down my new compressor in my truck and then took it for a drive. First we rolled over to staples to get some bibs printed for this years beer run. I just whipped something up on the home computer as they are going to get destroyed.

After that we shot over to best buy where I bought a phone charger which for now I will use until I get mine back then return it.

From there made a quick loop to the bike store to pick up some parts and finally got home around 3:30 and had not done a workout. Instead I used some time to fix a bike for a friend. Ever since I started working at the bike shop people have been giving me there bikes to fix, its become a good source of extra income over the summer. I am actually looking at getting certified as a bike mechanic with dreams of one day owning a shop.

After I got that bike running like a top. I was then satisfied enough to head out for a workout. I felt kind of bad for procrastinating all day but I knew there was a reason. First off I got almost everything I need done for the beer run on Saturday, and second also more importantly for the first time in a long time I had a really powerful swim. Lately my arms have felt stale in the water but today every stroke was power for the entire 3500 meters. It was good to have that back, the oneness connection with the water. Even though it was late and i had to do my speed running workout right after I got out of the pool refreshed.

The speed running session went almost as good as the swimming. I have been incorporating some quick feet drills at the end of my longer runs and some plyometrics in the gym and I think it is really starting to help my turnover.

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Keeping busy

With all this time on my hands I am actually getting to do some of the things I have been wanting to do for a while. On Tuesday I built a work bench. One of my goals all summer was to start a tool collection. I did pretty well so far I have a angle grinder a full socket set a full screw driver set and enough cash saved up for a welder. So with my new collection of tools I needed a place to put them so I researched online how to build a table went out grabbed some wood and it turned out really well. I brought organization to the garage. After building that I was able to do my speed cycle take a nap and then do the run. So overall I was busy all day. Which is good because and ideal mind can be a lot of trouble sometimes.

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Speed Cycle:

Mod run:

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Bologna pony

Well today is the first official day of being on the Bologna Pony. It sure was nice. I woke up rested to no alarm clock walked the dog made coffee and read the paper. After that I made my way to school to hand out handbills for the ski trip. It was good they had a skateboard demo going on so it was the perfect demographic to be advertising to.

At around 1:30 I began my 5000 meter swim. I felt really strong all the way through it. I was a little surprised actually because I was feeling pretty wiped from the weekend training. Part of it might be that there is less stress in my life right now. For most of the swim I had the lane to myself which is unusual at the Y, but it was nice non the less.

When I got home I finished cleaning up the house before going to pick up my dad. I took a quick nap which recharged me for the weight session. It was the first day of this cycle doing a power workout. Compared to last week I felt really good. Last week I was sucked right out from the race on weekend.

After the gym I was cutting it close to go pick up my dad from the airport. But from driving around the city all summer I was able to make it in the nick of time. A friend called me on the way home and asked to go to the bar but i figured it would be best to sleep and stay disciplined, I hate myself the next day after drinking anyways.

Duration: 2 hr
Distance: 5000.0 m

45 min

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Syracuse race report

This was an interesting race. First of all I have already qualified for clearwater so there is no pressure. It is really just a training race. Before we were about to start Bryan and I were talking and we had no motivation to put ourselves through the pain of a HIM. But after the starter went off I was zoned in. I had a good swim the water was warmer then Calgary my time was a little slow but so was Bryan's maybe the course was a touch long. I thought the cycle was suppose to be 10 miles of climbing and then fairly flat. That was not true. It was one of the hardest bike courses I have done. Compairable to Muskoka. The run course was suppose to be mostly down hill but there was at least one good climb in every mile of the run. Over all I feel I had a solid race I was able to hold my cycle time under 2:40 and I pr'ed the run with a 1:43:xx. For Clearwater I am now really going to focus on becoming more effacement in the water and picking up leg cadence on the run. If I can get my running times down that will really help my times especially coming up to an age cat jump.

70.3 Syracuse
Time 5:02:59
Swim: 34:29:00
Bike: 2:39:58
Run: 1:43:28

Friday, September 17, 2010

Out of Hell

Winnipeg is this shits. Being back here in Burlington Ontario you really realize how shitty Winnipeg is. The people out here are inspired and willing to pay. The mindset is just much more refreshing. After landing and having a few beers the pool games started and we had a couple good conversations. I was able to shutter down early and get some quality rest. Bryan stayed up to who knows when and was hung over this morning, as per usual. In true holiday fashion no one woke up till after 11, we had initiated the idea of going for a ride. We managed to leave the house by around 2:30.

The ride was unbelievable, time flies when you have something to look at other then a long flat road. We got some nice pictures with the swans and the countryside. After the ride Bryan and I were able to get to the pool for a quick 1500m before dinner.
The rest of the night was spent taking it easy getting a good sleep because tomorrow was a travel day.



Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fighting Seasons

I always seem to have a weird reaction to the change in seasons. My body seems to get worn by it. Lately I have been feeling run down tired and rather moody. But finally today I am starting to feel better. With only a week until Syracuse I was starting to get a little worried. Although Syracuse is not a priority race I still want to go and have fun and do my best. The course maps apper to be in my favor not having many hills. Although I am not tapering much for the race I am still hoping to have a solid time. I still want to get under that 5 hour mark that i missed by one minute in Calgary.

I have slightly adjusted the gearing on my bike for this race and I am hoping to see an improvement there. I am also going to bring all clothes for colder weather because not being able to feel my toes in Calgay was no fun.

Manily this week I am just going to focus on getting good quality rest and staying relaxed.

Train Smart.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Under Control

After Calgary I had two weeks of random training and taking it easy. I put on almost 15 pounds. I am assuming most of it was water retention from my body recovering. Anyways getting back into this next session was difficult carrying around the extra weight. I have had nothing but terrible runs. The cycling and the swimming can mask the extra weight. But running is the truth, it is one of my favorites. It was nice to have my weight back down in the normal range today it made for a great run. I was relaxed and felt comfortable for the first time in a while.

Under contro;