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Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Ketosis Adventure So Far

Well with tri season winding down and off season starting its time to start looking at what changes you can make for next year. Weather that's a fancy new aero bike or a diet change. Now is the time to start planning.

Last October during my off season I was looking for ways to take me to the next level. Training has become habit, which allowed me to explore a bit. While studying for my CSCS, I developed a heightened interest in nutrition. Where I saw the need for improvement at this time last year was dealing with the weight I had gained after my tractor rollover accident. 

So I began to poke around and I wanted to take a different approach. While reading Chris Mccormack's book he talks about turning to body builders for solving his hydration needs. He looked outside the box. I wanted to get lean. Whos the leanest??? Body Builders.

October 2012: 185 maybe approx 10%BF

 photo F4E04711-CB25-43DC-90E0-7FADEBC53B7A-155-0000000939A98B93_zps31e1c900.jpg

So I began to dig deeper and I came across intermittent fasting. That's its own story and you can follow the link and read for your self. Tons of information there. But eventually I found out about nutritional Ketosis.  Again there is a link to the definition as it has its own lengthy definition which if you would like to talk about it further we can grab a coffee. I now drink mine with coconut oil.

Anyways I have noticed over the past few months a lot of big names in triathlon are beginning to recognize that this type of diet my be useful. Since you may not believe me check out all the work being done by Tim Nokes the author of the Lore of Running which he is now re vamping. Joe Feril world famous triathlon coach and author of the Training Bible, Dr. Aitia. and Ben Greenfield. (this is a great post about him actually just finishing Ironman Canada 2013!!)

And I thought I was being original. Remeber when you think your the only one someone else has beat you there.

Anyways to keep this a blog post and not a book, It took me over a year to develop the habits required to sustain this diet for a longer period of time. Christmas was a fail, Snowboard trip was a fail, and then when I started to really bring in intensity I was not prepared and another FAIL. One of the hardest things is dealing with the backlash of the general public. It should be called KeNOsis. because you have to say NO to a ton of foods and habits you are used to eating and that are still good for you but not for ketosis.  But I have now reached a state where I can comfortably manage day to day and I have decided this style of eating is perfect for base building.

I just wanted to add to the pool of subjects of people who have tried this. To be honest I was a little self conscious to make this post last year, as people tend to think you have problems when you are eating butter and drinking coconut oil. But this stuff really does work especially in the base phase.

Briefly what it allows your body to do is become more metabolically efficient, by effectively using fat as an energy source, at lower intensity. Perfect for long distance triathlon (HIM, IM, Ultra)

If you have further interest in the subject stay tuned as I am going to get some metabloic testing done to get some solid numbers to go along with this. But if you have any questions please post in the comments or contact me as I would love to help you give it a shot.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

August 2013 179 6%ish BF

 photo 11EB4D17-F08A-4B52-9F6E-60B28FD11602-155-00000009C8A06DED_zpsd98c084f.jpg photo 72CDC33F-5424-419B-ADA9-C0C623EA5C6B-155-00000008F10A96C5_zpsa4609137.jpg