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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Its coming

Hirbirnation is coming. I am actually slighly looking forward to it.

That is one of the things about Winnipeg, there may not be 4 seasons but there are definitly 2. Summer and Winter.

In summer you spend time out side, go to the cabin, you spend money (quite a bit of it actually), visit with friends, its great. By labour day long weekend I find I am usually ready for a change of pace. Since the winters in Winnipeg are absolutly horrendis. It makes it easy to stay in sleep a lot and save money, to spend on the next summer of course. Its a nice little cycle. You cant really get any quality riding done outside, but a good indoor trainer will do the trick if your tough enough. In fact last winter was the worst winter in 126 years, and I set new bike split PR's all summer.

This winter I have lots to keep me busy in my new pad, and could use the hibernation to save some cash. This summer has been jam packed with activity and tons of fun. But its time to step back and reflect moving into the winter hibernation that is coming, to be sure I get the most out of it.