Protein Deals!!

Friday, February 27, 2009


9miles 7:56 pace 71 mins

2600m with club

Run intervals 30min
workout upperbody

bike 30min
run 5k 22min

cycle intervals 30min
workout upperbody


Friday, February 20, 2009


Wednesday: Swim 2800m 60min with club

Thursday: 30min bike int
2 mile run 14 min
Lower body workout

Friday: 65min tempo cycle

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reading week

Well reading week will not be spent reading. Instead extra rest time ti train harder!!!

Bike on rollers

Run hill intervals 30min
Workout lower 60min

I will write about wednesday tonight.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What can I say

What can I say I am tring my hardest to keep up with everything. Parents are outta town girlfriends parents are outta town it is busyto say the least.

90 min bike
20 min run 4km avg 7:45

bike hills 30min
Weights Lower Body

Swim 2100m timed intervals
1000 5 x 200's on 4:10
1000 5 x 200's on 4:00


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leave it Behind

Monday was the first swim workout i was unable to finish. With that said I was also given pointers on my stroke which I look forward to applying. Even though i did not finish that workout is gone and past. And every other one includeing todays is one further away from it. Soon time will take it and i will forget about it.

Swim with club: 1hr 2700m

1/2hr run 7:45 pace
Weights 1hr

Monday, February 9, 2009

AHHH weekend recap

So busy so much going on with life. Which is no excuse not to write in here but for some reason I forget to fit it in. Maybe its because I work out later in the day. Also because i want to take some pictures but that is a long process. Anyways lets do a weekend recap. It has been a stedy one. In the last week i have gotten 2 new training tools a new set of runners which i will add a pic of and a tri bike. my first one ever!!! so cool I rode it for an hour on friday just getting it set up and i think I have it dialed in which is awesome. Saturday was a rest day which i used to ketchup on some life stuff and worked at pantages. Sunday i worked at the hill and then had a beautiful run it was the nicest day all winter and i really appreciated it.

Bike 1hr

rest day

Long run 8.1 miles avg pace 8:02min/mile includeing stops with dog
avg hr: 150

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Too Busy

As you can see the last couple days have been so busy i have missed out writing. Tuesday was a busy day at school to say the least, and wednesday was also busy hanging out with aunt and helping girlfriend with home work. Which brings us to today which was ridiculous but I told myself I had to write today. Today consisted of work school work and some time for me. Back and forth from work to school and back to work but I still got the work out in to. It feels good to get it all done.

Run: 1/2hr int
Weighs: 1hr upper body

Speed Swim with club: 2450m 1hr
Short Run: 25 min 8min/mile pace

1/2 hr int cycle
1 hr Weights lower body

Monday, February 2, 2009

Zoning out

When working out with a group it is very easy to zone out. Similar to the post on the mental game, but not the same. When you are by yourself there is a feeling of appretiantion for the enviroment in which you exist. Where as in a group you can just zoneout which is also nice because you are still driving to keep up but you are unaware of the distance you have completed or left to complete. This makes for an enjoyable workout.

2450m 1hr with club

The Weekend

Sorry i have forgotten to write about the weekend it was a busy one. Friday was great going for an outdoor skate, and saturday i got off work early and was able to fit in a 6.5 mile run. The wind was 50 km/h gusting to 80km/h I have never seen anything like it. Layla the dog thought it was hilarious. And then sunday was a rest day which i used to watch the superbowl with my mom and girl friend.

Long Run 6.5 miles 52 mins
avg hr 154
avg 8 min/mile pace