Protein Deals!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loving The Off Season

I am coming to the end of the recovery program I have laid out for myself, and I have to say I am feeling (as Bryan would say) pretty, pretty pretty good. I have put focus on 3 major things. Diet rest and just really enjoying training. Before I was treating it like a job it was serious business I had a serious goal. I accomplished that goal now its time to really get my love of training back. It is definitely coming along.

Also I have challenged my self to dramatically cut back my sugar intake and one week in I am down about a pound or two giver or take we will see how consistent the loss is throughout the week but as of today I am lighter then I was my whole racing season weighing in at 178.

Now that the Christmas season has pasted I was able to keep drinking to a minimum and I think the only day I really over ate was Christmas eve. I was also able to shut that voice up in my head that tells me to do more and I really just enjoyed time with my brother who was in from out of town.

If I look back at last years posts I really gaver around Christmas, I feel a lot better this year and was happy with the amount of self discipline I was able to apply.

The next challenge on the board is the trip to Banff, which is also a bender if you choose it to be. But over the past year I have accumulated a couple little tools which will allow me to keep in shape even though I will be away from home.

First is the Garmin watch a must have for any athlete. It allows me to perfectly measure my runs anywhere I go.

Second is an ab wheel. This allows me to do many ab exercises in a small area.

Thirdly is a set of elastic tubes. These are definitely one of the most versatile training tools. I can pretty much do a full body workout using objects found in most given hotel rooms.

Between daily runs, some strength training and 8hrs a day of riding I am confident I will be able to maintain fitness.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Trip

What ever happened to trips being relaxing. When asked to go pick up my brother from Everette Washington I thought it will be a nice change from the mundane routine in Winnipeg. The west coast is nice and I like driving so I didn't mind the 25hr road trip either. But if I knew then what I know now I would highly re-consider.

On November 29th my birthday I was up at 5 am and on a flight to Vancouver by 7am. I arrived in Vancouver at about 8am their time because of time change, my shuttle didn't come until noon. I had breakfast, surfed the net and made a couple calls dealing with some stuff in Winnipeg. I then proceeded to pass out on a bench and drool on myself for about an hour. The bus was a half hour late and I was on my way by around 1 or so. The Vancouver border is on of the stricter borders and it did not let up on that day. They had the dogs out and everything. The boarder guard was giving everyone who was not white a hard time. We were back on the road by about 3:30 an hour after we got there. I finally rolled into Seattle premium outlets at 5:30. Waiting for my ride I decided to try my luck at the casino. It started out a little rough but after I checked my bag I guess that was enough of a break from the cards and I came out to win $70 bucks. Good start. The rest of the night was pretty low key met Paul's friends and played Beer Pong.

Paul and I did lots of running around on Tuesday he had some loose ends to tie up before we left. I managed to squeeze in a 40 min run which was absolutly amazing. The trees and the hills out there are breath taking. We went to the hockey game that night and then drank more beer

Our plan was to leave Wednesday but after checking the internet and seeing that the highways were shit we decided to stay one more day. I got to do another 30min run which is never a bad thing. And we went and checked out that movie due date.


Thursday was drive day we hammered it putting in over 14hrs with only a couple gas station stops. We were driving through some really cool mountain passes and we parked just before a snowstorm.

This is where things got interesting. We got up early to about a foot of snow on our car. I knew we had a challenge ahead of us. But we were on the road by 9:30 and through most of the bad weather by about 11. The day was shaping up to be not bad. And then all hell broke loose. Coming down a hill in the middle of Montana in the middle of no where the transmission decided to fucking blow! It made a huge bang and I almost lost control, but I managed to put it safely on the side of the road. After that Paul and I looked at each other and really just laughed because we were so screwed. We made some calls got a tow truck on the way, it took 3hrs for him to get there. Even after the state trooper called him. We ended up in a Montana gas station by around 5 pm and 300 bucks later. After feeling homeless and living in a gas station for over 3 hrs we caught a bus to Fargo at 9pm scheduled to arrive at 6:45am in Fargo. The bus brings together some interesting people. The guy in front of me was telling me about how he was a male witch. Needless to say after sleeping the entire ride I was dieing to get off. Our parents were right on time and we started driving back right away. We managed to get back home at 10 am on Saturday. We lost another car but we still made it home.

I figure my luck needs to change sometime. For every action there's and equal and opposite reaction. So I figure next year is going to be a good one.