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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loving The Off Season

I am coming to the end of the recovery program I have laid out for myself, and I have to say I am feeling (as Bryan would say) pretty, pretty pretty good. I have put focus on 3 major things. Diet rest and just really enjoying training. Before I was treating it like a job it was serious business I had a serious goal. I accomplished that goal now its time to really get my love of training back. It is definitely coming along.

Also I have challenged my self to dramatically cut back my sugar intake and one week in I am down about a pound or two giver or take we will see how consistent the loss is throughout the week but as of today I am lighter then I was my whole racing season weighing in at 178.

Now that the Christmas season has pasted I was able to keep drinking to a minimum and I think the only day I really over ate was Christmas eve. I was also able to shut that voice up in my head that tells me to do more and I really just enjoyed time with my brother who was in from out of town.

If I look back at last years posts I really gaver around Christmas, I feel a lot better this year and was happy with the amount of self discipline I was able to apply.

The next challenge on the board is the trip to Banff, which is also a bender if you choose it to be. But over the past year I have accumulated a couple little tools which will allow me to keep in shape even though I will be away from home.

First is the Garmin watch a must have for any athlete. It allows me to perfectly measure my runs anywhere I go.

Second is an ab wheel. This allows me to do many ab exercises in a small area.

Thirdly is a set of elastic tubes. These are definitely one of the most versatile training tools. I can pretty much do a full body workout using objects found in most given hotel rooms.

Between daily runs, some strength training and 8hrs a day of riding I am confident I will be able to maintain fitness.

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