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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Waltz

Well last week I wrote about how I was dancing the line of over training. I have to say I think I really nailed it this week. I wanted to wait until Sunday to write because it has been an overall positive experience. I wanted to write with the perspective of looking back at the whole week.

Monday: I did a make up weight training session from Friday. It felt good I did it early in the Morning and felt strong. Unfortunaly the strength did not carry into the swim. I cut it in half I was completely exhausted. I remembered my goals that I wanted to try and follow. Just really focus on the speed work and not on the "junk miles". The swim was was definitly junk miles.

Tuesday: I had speed bike work this day so I put it first, I was forced to the trainer in the garage it turned out really well considering it was all on the trainer. I could feel my legs starting to come back.

Wednesday: I had lost my watch last night and was really bummed about it. I had speed running work to do, I did it at the Y and it was a good they have a decent indoor track. This was the first swim where I could feel my arms coming back. I did the swim at a very moderate pace to really focus on the speed session tomorrow.

Thursday: It was starting to get cold in Winnipeg. I really had to suite up to make it through the hour and fifty minutes. I really had a good swim I was able to push hard through the whole session. It was a total 180 from the monday swim.

Friday: I was suppose to run but I scrapped it and took a total day of rest.

Saturday: I almost made it the entire season riding outside but it got so cold on Saturday I had to ride 1 of the 3 hours on the trainer. But when I stepped out on the brick run I was fresh with energy and I had the best run in a long time.

Sunday: The week ended with the strongest run I have had since last season. I felt light on my feet and I was running under a 7:30 mile with a Hr of 143 I was flying. And now on Sunday I feel totally ready to start my taper.

In conclusion I was a little worried about this week and it didn't start great. But I kept my focus on really maximizing my speed work and it paid off. I made sure I got good full sleeps every night and I ate fairly clean. My focus now is to really just enjoy the rest of the training enjoy Florida and reap the rewards of all my hard work.

Month totals:
Swim14:0638,242 m
Run15:28203.7 km
Bike27:20848.8 km
Other3:450 km
Total60:391,090.8 km

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being Adaptable

Well there is some crazy weather coming through the city right now. It is really forcing me to use my creative skills to get the workouts done. I have to say though with only 5 days left of real build training before the taper I have been extremely fortunate with the Winnipeg weather. This past weekend I had some of the best riding conditions I have had all year. So I cant really complain, that said cold weather with rain and 50 gusting 70k winds is just not fun. So being the way that it was I did my cycle inside. I created a little training dungeon in the garage. In a way I kinda like the trainer, for short stuff its fun, but I like the stimulus of being out side for long rides. I know some people do almost everything on the trainer. That would drive me mad. When I was in Syracuse one of Bryan's friends John Barclay said he did all his riding on a trainer. I can not imagine that. The mental power it would take to do that is enough to finish a race. haha. Anyways I got it done, and took a nap before heading to the y for the run. It was only an hour and with the tvs on the treadmills it wasn't all bad. If you workout at any fitness center you know they try and keep a limit on the cardio machines when its busy. At the y its 30 mins. The women running beside me I know she knows me cause she owns the running room in that area and I am always in there. We both started around the same time I knew she was probabily citiqueing me, thats the vibe she gives off. Now when it came to the 30 min mark, I got off my treadmill went and got some water waited for a couple minutes. By this time I figured " Fair game I am getting back on and finish the other half." And this lady whos known in the running community didnt get off. And it was BUSY very busy. She just stayed on for another 20 mins. I figured some one like her that calls herself a runner and owns a running store would show a little more courtousy for other. Anyways I just found it interesting I guess thats what happens when you run inside and have nothing else to look at.

Train Smart.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If Your A Triathalete You Hate Swimming.

Now by saying this I don't actually mean the time spent in the pool that can actually sometimes be enjoyable. But unlike cycling and running which can be done on your own time swimming is a dependent sport. It is dependent on a facility, lane availability, and lane times.

Firstly you need to move from your house and drive 10,20,30 minutes plus parking. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a 25m pool in your back yard. So right there with the commute your at an hour. When I would swim with a team for an hour at 8:00 I would leave at 7:20 and be home by 9:40 that's 2hrs 20 mins for a 1 hour swim.

Then when you get to the pool if your not running on someone schedule (ie with a club) you are at the mercy of lane availability. If your lucky you get someone that's at the same level as you. But not always the case I once had a lady that I lapped not once but twice per 50. I cant really get that mad because hey if you want to swim go swim its a free world.

The final thing is lane times that they are available. There always changing at least here anyways. So your at the mercy of the pool when it comes to scheduling some pools don't have lane swim long enough to complete a really long swim.

I feel as a triathlete swimming is by far the most time consuming (in terms of time spend actully doing workout) of all the three.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dancing on the line

Right now I definitely feel as though I am dancing on the line of over training. The last time I wrote was on Monday even then I moved my weight session to the Tuesday just because I didn't feel I had the juice on Monday and I had a massage. The massages helped but man did I feel flat for the next few days. The rest of the week was a total grind. I was really just looking forward to Friday I had a weight session and a easy run. I scraped the weight moved them to Monday and the easy run was strictly used for stride drills. I think I really worked to my benefit because this weekends long ride went 100x better then last weeks. Not only was the weather better but I was just in a better head space. UN-fortunately I took a nap after the ride and over slept and was not able to squeeze in the swim. But I am already at 15hrs this week with 3 hours left to do tomorrow which will but me at 18. A solid week non the less. Knowing that this last week coming up is my last tough week it is an extra boost of motivation to finish strong. But also to just be very aware of the signs my body is giving me. Because there is no use in blowing up now. I have put in the hard work I have been on the grind for 30 weeks. All of my mental focus is now going to shift away from trainig sessions and just run the entire trip through my head and smooth out any wrinkles in it. I dont really care if Clearwater is the best race time wise (although it would be nice) but I do want it to be the most enjoyable race metally, I really just want to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Until next time

Train smart

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Almost There

Well I have battled through the sickness but these last few weeks are going to be tough. Its a grind everyday, and I am sleeping a ton. Bryan's comment on the last post helped to remind me that we all go through this. I am at that point right now were its like "never again am I going to put this much time into training again." and I know in 2 weeks it will be " How many 70.3's can I do next year 3 was not enough" So for now I am just really watching all my physiological indicators closely and trying to get the most out of the workouts without over training. At this point I am so close there is no point in over doing it. I just need to ride the fine line of over training, and then when the rest period comes really just soak up all the hard work. I know I can do it, I just need to keep on plugging away.

As I was flopping around in the pool today pushing through my 5000 meters I always think no one notices me. I usually out swim most people, by that I mean that they come in do there swim and leave while I have been swimming the whole time. I used to change up were I swam so I have never really been a regular anywhere but I am becoming more regular at the downtown ymca now. Anyways after I was done the workout I was putting away the pool buoys one of the lifeguards said to me " you were swimming for a long frickin time! I wish I could swim that long" I told her what I was training for and that I dread the long swims especially when I am tired.

After the swim I headed over for a massage. Today the therapist worked mostly lower body. She said my chest looked much more relaxed from the last time I was in. Which is good I feel better too no more headaches.

Overall it was a good day and I just need to try and stay as positive as possible.

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Sport: Swim
Duration: 1 hr 40 min
Distance: 5000.0 m
Avg. pace: 2:00 / 100 m
Intensity: 4
Sport: Swim

Thursday, October 14, 2010


In the last two days I have gotten 2 parking tickets? I don't get it one was written at 11:50 when I got in my car at 11:49 so I called and bitched about that and the other one is for a ticket I have already paid? Go figure, I cant figure out why things are working out this way maybe its better just to not think about it. These are problems that I have tried to prevent or already dealt with and they are coming back at me. I really just do not understand. And the parking authority are probably the worst people to deal with because they just dont care. So I am just going to not pay either.

Other then that I have been battling this cold which I think I have seen the worst of and I am now turning the corner. But I am also battling the effects of coming off of effexor ( an antidepressant I was on). The side effects to it are absolutly terrible but I refuse to take it anymore so I will deal with this until they go away.

Need less to say the last week or so has been a grind. I just wanted to focus on training when I was done work but it seems as though that is the last thing I have been able to do. I have two more tough weeks left then a nice taper, race and then on to the off season. I am not totally looking forward to the off season because I love training but, it will be nice to do some unscheduled training and catch up with others.

Train Smart.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hoping for the best

Well I think I am on the road to recovery I feel better then yesterday. Not 100% but better. I think part of it was the extra layers I put on during the cycle, helped get my core temp up and sweat out the sickness.

I took it real easy today just lounged around the house read blogs, and cleaned. typical recovery day. I really wanted to try out my new racing flats tomorrow and let er rip. But I will have to have a miracle sleep before that happens. I guess its better now then in Clearwater.

Rest day
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Learn Nothing From Succes

Well if I look back at the post I should have listened to my body. But as we know you learn nothing from success. After missing the run on Monday I spent some time on the internet looking at signs of over training and I sent mark an email with my concerns. He emailed back saying listen to your body and gave me some signs to be aware of. After resting that day I figured I would be good to go on Tuesday. Tuesday was similar to Monday, I had a solid workout in the morning took a nap and woke up sacked out. But this time I pushed it out the door for the 1:30:00 run. The run actually went ok once I got into it. It was Wednesday I paid the price. Wednesday was a total write off I was suppose to do a 3500m mod swim I ended up sleeping from 5pm till 9 am this morning. I feel a little better today but I am definitly not going to push it. I did about half the cycle, and I was just going to feel the swim out.

The swim actually went really well I only cut it short by about 500m but I was able to stay strong through the main set.

Now its time for good days rest before the 10k race on saturday.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sucked out

I was supose to do three workouts today. A swim a weight session and a speed run. I was motivated when I woke up to hammer these out. I was in the pool by 1:30 for the swim. It was a long one 5000 meters. About half way through I started to not feel so hot. I started to sip on water and I was able to make it through.

When I finally got out of the pool I headed straight into the weight room so I could not talk myself out of it. I pushed the weights hard I felt pretty strong considering I just did 5000m. I put a lot of focus on the legs. I know Clearwater is going to be flat and fast bike course and I really want to take advantage of that course because it is simialr to Winnipeg. So I have really put focus into making strength gains in the lower body.

Once I walked out of the Y it was 5:30 I was exhausted. I thought I was able to get home and nap for 45 mins I would feel refreshed enough to pump out the speed run. Except when I woke up my muscles were sucked right out. I tried every mental trick to convince me it was worth it to do the run. But in reality it wasn't. I would end up trainig myself to run at a slower pace.



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