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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sucked out

I was supose to do three workouts today. A swim a weight session and a speed run. I was motivated when I woke up to hammer these out. I was in the pool by 1:30 for the swim. It was a long one 5000 meters. About half way through I started to not feel so hot. I started to sip on water and I was able to make it through.

When I finally got out of the pool I headed straight into the weight room so I could not talk myself out of it. I pushed the weights hard I felt pretty strong considering I just did 5000m. I put a lot of focus on the legs. I know Clearwater is going to be flat and fast bike course and I really want to take advantage of that course because it is simialr to Winnipeg. So I have really put focus into making strength gains in the lower body.

Once I walked out of the Y it was 5:30 I was exhausted. I thought I was able to get home and nap for 45 mins I would feel refreshed enough to pump out the speed run. Except when I woke up my muscles were sucked right out. I tried every mental trick to convince me it was worth it to do the run. But in reality it wasn't. I would end up trainig myself to run at a slower pace.



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