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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trim Swim and A Cycle

Well I was up early today I had an appointment to get my beard trimmed properly. On the way I had to take the snow blower in to get repaired. It has started to piss oil out of the side. I had to put it in my low rider truck, it looked pretty funny but I got it there safe. When I arrived the lady in the service department said were not taking snow blowers yet cause we are expecting more lawn mowers next week its suppose to be 20. I thought to myself "Your turning away business depending on the weather?". I work in service at the bike shop and we ask people if they don't mind taking it home because we are getting full but we will never turn a bike away. That's just bad business. So I was a little pissed and I was driving away and I stopped. Thought to myself "No, all my life i let people do this fuck this." I called the manager and told him what I thought. He said hold on I will call you back. Sure enough he called me back in 5 min said we will take it but you might not get it back for a few weeks. I said that's fine I don't expect it to snow for a few weeks I am just being proactive.

So when I got back there, this short haired typical looking bitch continued to give me attitude. But this time I let her have it. Its not her business so why is she turning down money. The owner was nice, that's why I went back, that and I didn't want to have it in my truck down town it would get stolen. So we will see what happens there.

Once that was all dealt with I went to see Alvin and got a professional beard trimming. He was great a real old style barber with a straight razor. Man that felt nice. I didn't know this but he used to do tri's with my dad back in the 80's. It was a neat experience and the beard turned out great.

My dad and I met for sushi lunch by his office, and got some new jeans. Its always nice to get a new pair of jeans. A lot of mine are faded pretty bad so I was happy with the choice.

Around 1:30 I got into the pool for a speed swim. With yesterdays power house swim on my mind I carried that good energy through to today. Although I didn't feel as strong as yesterday I still had a solid swim.

After that I had a meeting with the endocrinologist. He told me everything is good.
I finally got on my bike around 8. But ended up cutting it short because I ran out of day light. The cons just out weighed the pros on the ride and Kelcie came and scooped me up.

Duration: 1 hr 10 min
Distance: 3500.0 m
Avg. speed: 0.8 m/s
Avg. pace: 2:00 / 100 m
Intensity: 7

Duration: 1 hr 00 min
Distance: 30k
Avg. speed: 30k
Intensity: 3

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