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Monday, January 21, 2013

How I Beat Christmas, Newyears, and Mexico, The Power of A List

Christmas, New Years, and Mexico, nice life whats there to beat right? Well when you want to race at a higher level you need to ask yourself how bad do you want it? Are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want? I knew I wanted it bad so I need to come up with a way to get through these events without wrecking some of the fitness I had gained. Not to mention I was still battling with my increased weight from the accident which seemed to settle around 185lbs, 15lbs up form race weight. much higher then I would like it do be. So here are the strategies I used to stay on track.

Take some time before the event when you are calm and undistributed and make the conscious choice about how YOU want to fell about the event or situation. Write this down. Then go though situations that may cause you to sway from what you want. Others that are treating it as all you can eat and drink buffet, traditional pastries after dinner. Yes it is the holidays but why does that mean YOU have to be glutinous to the point of sickness? Is that inline with YOUR goals? Probably not. But the choice is up to you! That's the beauty, and now you have made the choice that your not going to let that happen.

Now make a list of these situations or triggers, and write out exactly how your going to combat them. Yes COMBAT your going to war with your own mind. Remember it is lazy and will always take the easy way out.

Once you have this list set up some kind of a check in system. I just used the reminder app on my iphone that came on at times when I knew I would need it. But this could be a writing on your wrist, or a blue dot on the wall. What ever is going to remind you of end goal.

Then at the end of the night come back to your list and check to see how many of the battles you were able to win. Be accountable but make a game out of it. This is fun now, everyone likes games. Your only bettering yourself.

I will admit Christmas was hard I got beat on one of the occasions and had a turkey hang over. But then New Years got easier, and when my dad sprung a spontaneous trip to Mexico on me with one week notice after Banff. I looked at it and said lets F@&king go! In the end I was able to come out of the three weeks down to my goal weight of 179.  This was all because I decided I had enough, and it was time to take control. Not only do I fell great but it is a big mental boost moving forward into more focused triathlon training.

So the next time you have an event or situation coming up that may be challenging mentally ie: race, social event, whatever your vice is. Make a list and show that sucker whos boss. Dream it List It DO IT!!