Protein Deals!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In My Own Zone

Its been hot lately. In the 30's but I seem to be getting used to it between work and training. I had a 56 min cycle to do today and it felt good I am motivated and my tri position doesn't hurt as much. I blew past some guy out on a leaisurely ride he hopped on my tail on the way back and i gave him a pull. Lifes Good dont forget it.

5min tempo
2min stand hard
5min spin
plus 10min warmup and down

avg speed 19mph(including wu and wd)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gettin into it

So I did it I got a trainer for the summer months its perfect having someone organize workouts for me. Also to give me more specific workouts to perfect speed or specific endurance.

Brick 90 min
5 min warm up
20min bike and 20 min run x2
5 min cool down

Bike 1:dist: 6.82 miles
avg speed 20.5mph
avg hr 218??
Run 1:dist:2.51 miles
avg pace 7:32 min mile
avg hr: 154bpm

Bike 2: dist:7 miles
avg speed 19.5 mph
avg hr 180???
Run 2: dist:2.66 miles
avg pace 7:58 min/mile
av g hr 160bpm

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Makin it happen

Even with the transfering of jobs, demands of parents, barley maintaining a relationship I still manage to fit the training in. I was thinkin today of just how far I have come and it feels good. I am in good shape and I am thankful that I have the drive to do what I do.

Life is good, dont forget it.

Swim 90min
30min spin on bike
30min Intervals on treadmill
80 min ride
long run 9 miles avg pace 7:45/mile

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Job New Mindset

So yesterday i started working as a utility 3 worker for the city of winnipeg. It is amazing good pay and perfect hours for training. I am so grateful for what i have been given it is amazing. Yesterdays swim went well. It was hard of course as my muscles are done but i still tried as best i could. And as for today went for a run with the stink aka my dog and now am going to a movie with my girlfriend. Life is good smile its summertime!!

3600m with club

avg pace 7:30 min/mile

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The month of May

HAHAHA the month of may what a month a total write off for life. However not a write off for racing. May is the first month of racing. And it sure was different from the last years I have raced. I am on a whole new fitness level. I am so far ahead of myself I am going to have to recalibrate my goals for the racing season. The month started with a half marathon on may 3. Wether was decent.... cold but decent. I had lots of warm up time and mental calming with my girlfriend, I had my auntie and grandma on my back and nothing was gonna get in my way. The race started out smooth as usual. I looked at my gps and I was going much faster then previous races. I was aiming to do a 1:45:00 so 8/mile. As the race progressed instead of tiring out as usual. My legs stayed strong and more importantly my mind stayed strong. Which carried me to a 1:32:03 finish averaging 7:03/mile. I just smiled it was amazing. The second race was may 17 the NYPD memorial 5k in New York City. I went down there on a trip to visit a friend and I found a race to do. We showed up and the field was intimidating. This is the second 5k this season so I was able to gauge pace better. I was broken down from work but I put everything I had into that race. It payed off with a pb running a 19:18 6:13/mile avg. I almost shit. I Davis Sohor had broke 20min!!! and I won the 20-24 age cat. I was so pleased with my fitness. The final race which was actually in june it was today. My first olympic tri. I won my age cat the 2 people that were in it haha. But i beat that fucker hahah. Anyways more importantly the water was 13 degrees. But I have never done this distance or phathomed this distance before. The swim was relaxing, the bike was comfortable and the run was unspeakable. It was a 10k run i went out after a 40k bike and was averageing a 6:03 mile and i wasnt been breathing yet i was able to avg a 6:45 overall for a 43min 10k. through all this i try to have as little ego as possible. i am just grateful for the fitness level i have achieved. i am grateful my training and hard work has actually paid off. Life is good and i am enjoying it to the fullest. Until the next one. Stay positive!!!

Police service half marathon: 1:32:03 avg pace 7:03/mile
NYPD memorial 5k: 19:08 avg pace 6:03/mile
Triple Threat Olympic Triathlon: 2:32:03