Protein Deals!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nice Weather Nice Run

Well winter decided to end today, and it went with a bang. Yesterday was a normal spring day around -10 or so, but it was nice to wake up this morning to +12! I swear if you live in Winnipeg you cant be effected by weather because you would have mental problems. I went from running in tights and a winter gear last week to running in shorts and a tshirt today. For kicks I even ran the last 2 miles shirtless. I dont remember the last time it was this warm at this time so seize the day!!

This was my first build week back off of a rest week and I was a little sore coming into this long run. I was unsure as to how it was going to go. I always get nervous before the long runs because if they start to go bad you are usually far away and it can be a painful drag back if the bonking sets in. I have been getting more consistent though which is nice.

Today was more then consistent today I capitalized on the energy from the day. I started out strong and got my heart rate up and settled where I needed it, and then its time to start playing the game. Playing with strides and cadence to get the perfect balance dialed in. I was feeling really good, and I wasn't over sweating, despite the sudden change in weather. Coming up on 40 mins is when I really locked in a nice flow, I took on a little nutrition at about 50 min and enjoyed the ride back. I say ride because when you got flow like that, thats how it feels like your just riding your legs back. I wasnt really paying much attention to pace and I just brought it all the way home calm cool and controlled.

After stopping I looked down and I had knocked out 13 miles in 1:31!! Thats 7:05/ mile pace. Needless to say I was pretty stoked, considering last weekend I was bagged. I guess it was the sugar bender I went on last night. Who said pastries aren't good for you!

I capped off the day with a great meal at Kelcies place and now its time to get to bed early so I can make the most of my early morning swim session.