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Friday, August 26, 2011

Craving a Run

Its been a while since this has happened, but on Wednesday while I was hacking away in a ditch with a weed wacker I found my self really craving a run. Its a weird feeling if you have ever experienced it. You just have extra energy, your light on your feet, and you want to just start running. Sometimes this feeling goes away as you lose energy from the work day. But on this day I was able to maintain it right through. When I finally got to running I kept my head held high and I was striding strong. I felt really good and I had a good handle on my HR. Even though it was hot it was a really enjoyable run and I really appreciated it after what had happened to my running early this month with the sickness.

Moving into the weekend I am gonna rest up and put two really hard sessions Saturday and Sunday. I am looking forward to testing my limiters just to prove to myself I am still strong, as I have been battling with myself lately just because I have been so tired.

But thats enough blabber for now I will try an do a quick write up to re cap the weekend but until then, stay positive, and train hard.


Monday, August 15, 2011

The Worst Beginning

Well I thought everything was going well in terms of recovery after RI, with a PR at the Kenora Olympic distance and some good rest in between I was feeling confedient about going strong into my next training block. But then the long weekend came and all hell broke loose.

The week leading in was a recovery week from Kenora and was fairly standard. I had stressed some ligaments in my foot from running in a very minimalist shoe. Nothing major no breaks and nothing some ice and rest couldnt take care of. I took this week really easy knowing I was going back into a full training block for worlds starting the first week of August. I did some easy bikes to keep the volume up and had a couple of good swims. Including a 3k open water swim race. That went really well I placed 2nd overall and got a metal for best rookie! with a time of 44:34 I couldn't complain but it was also open water and I dont really know how close it was to 3k, but that would put me at about 1:28/100m. I was trying to just enjoy the cabin relax eat good food and chill before starting this training session. But then things starting to go down hill.

Starting Monday of the long weekend I woke up with a violent fever, I soaked the bed, and I felt like garbage. I had thought maybe I got some heat stroke so I spent the day re hydrating and resting. I pushed myself to work on Tuesday feeling about 75% and put in a tiny run of maybe 15 mins. I felt very weak. That night I was woken up every 2 hrs by stomach problems and my fever had come right back up and I once again soaked my bed with sweat. This time I called in sick. I needed to get better I could not afford to miss this crutial training time. The line ups in the walk ins were ridiculous and I settled for calling the provincial help line and speaking with a nurse who was rather helpful and we figured out that it was most likely some food posining. Which makes sense because I remember eating some meat I thought was a little to rare. The rest of the week was pretty much a write off for training. I some how pushed out a 3hr cycle on the Saturday, and finally started to feel normal again by Monday. By this time I had gotten in to a doctor and he assured me this was normal for stomach flu's because it takes 7-10 days for the stomach to re build its lining.

After all that it brings us to this week where things are finally back to normal. My hr is normal and my running legs are mostly back. It was weird after the sickness I had almost totally lost my ability to run. I had no endurance or leg strength until this past Sunday, where it all seemed to come back at once. Having the gift of running taken away from me really made me appreciate running. It has motivated me to become as effecient as possible, and remember that I really do love running. For the last 2 weeks I have hated it and it was really hard metally to break through that and get it all back. That being said I am grateful now that I feel good and have most of my energy back.

Stay tuned for more details on Vegas Prep and the 2011 World Championships at a brand new venue!!!!!

Happy training