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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well I ment to get at least one workout done early. That didnt happen. I spent the morning drinking coffee and playing on the internet. Then finally I got a friend to come over, which kind of motivated me to get moving.

We finished screwing down my new compressor in my truck and then took it for a drive. First we rolled over to staples to get some bibs printed for this years beer run. I just whipped something up on the home computer as they are going to get destroyed.

After that we shot over to best buy where I bought a phone charger which for now I will use until I get mine back then return it.

From there made a quick loop to the bike store to pick up some parts and finally got home around 3:30 and had not done a workout. Instead I used some time to fix a bike for a friend. Ever since I started working at the bike shop people have been giving me there bikes to fix, its become a good source of extra income over the summer. I am actually looking at getting certified as a bike mechanic with dreams of one day owning a shop.

After I got that bike running like a top. I was then satisfied enough to head out for a workout. I felt kind of bad for procrastinating all day but I knew there was a reason. First off I got almost everything I need done for the beer run on Saturday, and second also more importantly for the first time in a long time I had a really powerful swim. Lately my arms have felt stale in the water but today every stroke was power for the entire 3500 meters. It was good to have that back, the oneness connection with the water. Even though it was late and i had to do my speed running workout right after I got out of the pool refreshed.

The speed running session went almost as good as the swimming. I have been incorporating some quick feet drills at the end of my longer runs and some plyometrics in the gym and I think it is really starting to help my turnover.

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