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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Bologna pony

Well today is the first official day of being on the Bologna Pony. It sure was nice. I woke up rested to no alarm clock walked the dog made coffee and read the paper. After that I made my way to school to hand out handbills for the ski trip. It was good they had a skateboard demo going on so it was the perfect demographic to be advertising to.

At around 1:30 I began my 5000 meter swim. I felt really strong all the way through it. I was a little surprised actually because I was feeling pretty wiped from the weekend training. Part of it might be that there is less stress in my life right now. For most of the swim I had the lane to myself which is unusual at the Y, but it was nice non the less.

When I got home I finished cleaning up the house before going to pick up my dad. I took a quick nap which recharged me for the weight session. It was the first day of this cycle doing a power workout. Compared to last week I felt really good. Last week I was sucked right out from the race on weekend.

After the gym I was cutting it close to go pick up my dad from the airport. But from driving around the city all summer I was able to make it in the nick of time. A friend called me on the way home and asked to go to the bar but i figured it would be best to sleep and stay disciplined, I hate myself the next day after drinking anyways.

Duration: 2 hr
Distance: 5000.0 m

45 min

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