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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fighting Seasons

I always seem to have a weird reaction to the change in seasons. My body seems to get worn by it. Lately I have been feeling run down tired and rather moody. But finally today I am starting to feel better. With only a week until Syracuse I was starting to get a little worried. Although Syracuse is not a priority race I still want to go and have fun and do my best. The course maps apper to be in my favor not having many hills. Although I am not tapering much for the race I am still hoping to have a solid time. I still want to get under that 5 hour mark that i missed by one minute in Calgary.

I have slightly adjusted the gearing on my bike for this race and I am hoping to see an improvement there. I am also going to bring all clothes for colder weather because not being able to feel my toes in Calgay was no fun.

Manily this week I am just going to focus on getting good quality rest and staying relaxed.

Train Smart.

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