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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Iron party

I loved my job today. Awesome day. Just do work. Got to work and straight to coffee with chad with a corrot muffin. It was very tasty. I only had 24 lawns to do and I went and saw bear at lunch. Bear is my dog layla. but when she was a puppy i snuggled her everyday and now she loves hugs and she is a little bear.
After taking bear for a walk I needed to hit the pool. The pool is always full of weirdos. Its amazing how many people have a awful stroke. I mean I am not michel pheps but my stroke is watchable.
Once that was done it was off to a party in which was a good expreiance. I have to keep reminding myself its the off season. all in all good times.

2700/50min/ drills

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