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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Be Greatful

When you train everyday you really get to know your body. You also learn when it functions best yada yada yada. Some workouts such as yesterdays are just absolutly aweful some are great and some stay with you and you even think of them while your racing.

Today started out good I had a good sleep and I was not rushed in the morning it was a relaxing start for once. It was a beautiful day out today, and Kelcie pulled me along to a spirtual conferance. I am spirtually open minded so I was curious to see what was involved.

When we arrived right away I noticed that the energy in the room was over whelming. Very powerful positive energy I felt invigorated. We first watched a guest speaker she was good she talked about being calm when life gets hectic. Also to listen internally to your intuition which we do not do enough of.
I also got my cards read today. That was very powerful and eye opening.

After we were done there I went to Kelcies and took a quick nap. Then finally at around 6 I made it out on my long run. Todays run was different it was effortless the entire time and I was running at what I thought was a great pace. The entire run I just felt strong. And I just got stronger the more I ran. I ran the last few miles at about a 6:40 pace which for me is pretty good.

When the run was finished needless to say I was amazed. All I could do was be grateful for that amazing experiance.

Long Run:
1:15:00/10miles/7:33pace/avg hr 153

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