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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tom tom

Last night ended up going late for me. Didn't end up hittin the sack till about 2 if not later and I was up again before 8 to help my mom and aunt out at the gym. That was an experiance in itself, my mom is like a kindergarden child. Whats this o look at him hes strong...... so embarassing. However my aunt was focused and had a great workout.

After the gym I hoped on the bike and started out on the long ride. Today was much better then last week started into a mild head wind and then at the turnaround there was a nice push on the way back. I made it the whole way to the bridge to nowhere and back it was good to conquer that cause i got beat last week.

After the ride I quickly packed for Saskatoon and then went to work. Tonight was interesting it was fairly calm until a guy named tom came up. Tom was drinking rhum and coke and tipped 5 dollars on every round. Tom made the night and ended up giving us around $40. All in all a great day.

Long Ride:
2:35:00/52 miles/30.7 kph

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