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Monday, October 19, 2009

Brain off Swim on

For some reason I just keep finding work. Suppouseitly there is or was a recession going on and it is suppose to be hard to find a job. In the last month I have gotten laid off from the city, then went to Saskatoon to work for green drop for a week. When I got back from there I worked at green drop for a week. And when that was done I now have started working with my friend who has his own business, and i might be getting sent back out of town for work.

Todays work was blowing the water out of sprinkler systems. It was interesting work kinda fun walking around and finding the boxes in the yards. Its just good to be up and moving all day rather then sitting in a chair.

I decided because I finallly had time and because it wasn't a holiday to go and swim with the triathlon swim club. I like swimming with the club its exciting. Throughout becoming a triathlete swimming has really grown on me. I no longer have an issue swimming by myself. It used to bore the hell out of me but I dont mind it now. Anyways the advantages of swimming with the club are you try about 3x as hard the workouts are planned and you dont even have to count the laps if you swim behind someone. Its great as you swim brain off swim on thats all you have to do its really good for a higher intensity workout.

Swim with club:

60min/2300m/higher intensity

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