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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Shit I didn't blog yesterday I am a slacker. I didn't even notice I forgot. The days might as well all be one big day I cant tell the differance anymore. What did I do yesterday??? I dunno I worked in the morning then eventually made my way to the gym for a bike run and a weight session. After that I went to the movie where the wild things are that was one of my favorite books as a kid. The movie turned out really well too.

Today well today was just as busy as yesterday I worked in the morning blowing out sprinkler systems with my friend its interesting work fairly easy but interesting. After the houses started getting spaced out we called it a day. around 1 or so. It was a good thing to because from the second I walked in the door I pretty much did not get off the phone. I was tring to set up appointments to observe a class for an assignment i have due. and it has to be done before the weekend because i am heading back out to Saskatoon on Sunday.

With my absent mind I also managed to forget my keys in the work truck. Little did I know this would kick me in the ass later. When I got home after my night class I could not get in the house not only that I went to get my girlfriends set of keys only to realize that they were on my key ring as well. Fuck I need to pay attention.

Bike: 30 min intervals YMCA
Run: 30 min intervals YMCA
Weights 60 min

Rest Day

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