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Monday, March 28, 2011

I Forgot I Love Running

It has been tough getting back into running 6 days a week. But once your there, there is nothing like being a runner. I am at the weight I want to be I am light on my feet and I feel fantastic. There were so many runs in the summer last year where I just dreaded having to go out. Doing some runs totally fatigued. Now that I am just running I am able to really push the hard ones and actully see the benifit of easy runs. Coming up this week will be the first test of my run training. I will be racing a 5k at the familer Assinaboine park. I have a PR on this course of 19:15 and I am looking to break the 19 min barrier this year. Last year I was sucked out and heavy, this year I am thin and ready to rock. I have done a ton more intervals and I am just hoping it all comes together on Sunday. Other then that my shoulder feels really good I think it has really healed up nice and it is now warm enough to cycle outside which is a huge motivater. But my focus is still on running until May 1st for the Police service half marathon. Happy Training

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