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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just Hold On

Well I am here, I have made it to the taper. I have to say I feel pretty dam good about it to. With one more day left in June I have cleared 1000km and worked 40hrs a week.

Swim: 31,650m
Run: 173.5km
BIke: 811.4 km

Total: 1016.5

And it wasnt even that bad. Last year I never cleared 1000km while working, the only month I cleared was the month before Clearwater after I was laid off. I guess I am getting better at this training thing? Needless to say I feel ready. I was a little worried this year because I took my training into my own hands to help me understand and test my own training theories. At the beginning I knew it would be hard to stay motiviated, not having some one to report to. But I was able to design ways to keep me accountable. It seemed to have worked, and I have the mileage to show for it. I was also able to really crack down on my nutrition this month and really start feeling good about my eating and training nutrition. Overall I feel very ready and now I just need to hold it together through this taper and hope for a nice day next week to really lay it all on the line.

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  1. Good luck at RI. Sounds like this is your year. Your dad's been filling me in on your speed.