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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Post Season Blues

Ahh yes the post season blues. You know its coming and we all get a little taste of it in some form or another. You have been racing and pushing your self all summer meeting with friends, setting PRs, making bets against your friends, whatever! Now there's a gap, you know you need the recovery, but training has become so ingrained in your life you don't know what to do with this awkward situation of "free time." Going into my 5th year of competitive triathlon I think this year I have dealt with it fairly well for a few reasons.

One, this season I developed a stronger belief in my abilities. It was a season packed with adversity from flat tires to car accidents. But through it all I still managed to make some progression. I now have at least 6 more so relaxed months until my next race. What can I accomplish with that? That thought now excites me.

Two I LOVE TRAINING. Period. I have developed a sincere love of training. Not just the getting fast part. But the knowing yourself part as well. For years I would push myself so deep down the rabbit hole of over training and stress, and by the end of the season I hated triathlon and would binge myself up on thanksgiving until I registered for a race to light the fire under my ass. But its the "off season" now. That doesn't mean slack off it just means enjoy the work you have done and you don't need that intense focus you need during race season. The brain is a muscle to. Give it a rest, it will give you more later. Trust that.

That said I still felt a little bit of a hole. But its ok theres another race coming and I will be bigger faster stronger regardless of when it is. Because that's something I want, and I am confident in that. But for now enjoy this anomaly people call "free time" read a book, try a new recipe so you have it on speed dial when training kicks up, spend time with the family who has only seen you in spandex for the last 5 months, and go eat a doughnut. Then get back to work, but dont forget to get back to work. You will feel better about it.


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