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Thursday, February 14, 2013

On, Off, and Grey

Endurance athletes are a breed of there own as we all know, and beyond that they develop  individuals quarks, and mental games to continue to get the work done.  At this time of year I find I struggle with validation. I am getting the work done there are some tests which allow me to see improvement, but there is not a race in sight. I am dieing for some validation that my work is paying off. Why am I so attached to results? Why can I not just be happy with getting the training done?

For me it becomes a flip flop argument in my head. If I relax I don't get the best effort from myself, if I come in with intense focus I will eventually burn myself out and yell and scream at everyone around me because I begin to think they are "in my way". I become a light switch I am on or off.

I am not sure where this mentality came from. But I have come realize that it is only my opinion and not an absolute truth. Yes it is important to get the most of yourself when you are in the middle of a set of intervals, but it is also OK to enjoy the warm up/cool down and you need to BELIEVE that. Even though you are going slower then the old guy 3 treadmills down. Are you trying to impress him?

Moving forward and shifting focus off of base training, and into higher intensity, will require yet another level of focus. This can spin off a couple of different thought trains. One you look back and think " I should have been preparing for this". Two good old self doubt comes in "Am I going to be able to deal with this pain? Have I lost my ability". No you haven't, how just haven't been there since last season. And this year is different anyways. As long as you are aware of that, when the time comes hit it....... hit it, my guess is you will surprise yourself.

That said there is no On or Off Black or White. Last year is not THIS year your a different person. Throw your old light switch out and get a dimmer switch, and toggle the crap out of it. Keep your goals set and use the focus you need to get where you need to be. But there is no need to kill yourself on a recovery run.

Have fun stay focused ( however much you need) and keep moving forward.


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