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Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Have I Been Doing?

With no more races and being laid off you would think I have nothing to do but write on the blog. This is true but when your training is cut back to offseason mode and your laid off really theres not much to talk about. Along with the seasons somethings are starting to change, and maybe its time to reflect.

Most importantly on the training front, I have finished up massage appointments and Chrio to help work out some shoulder, and hip issues. I must say I have never been to a Chiro and my first appt was a positive one. I had went in for some active release therapy (ART) and ended up getting adjusted and feeling fantastic and it actually carried through to the next day. From there I have really been focusing on keeping the hamstrings loose especially while running. After watching Andreas Ralert running (which can be seen at the bottom) in Kona I am more determined then ever to put up a sick run split in my next event. I am easing back into swimming its really touch and go with the shoulder I want to try and get my weekly volume up around the 20k mark for the winter months, and build a really solid base. As for cycling its been really just casual rides. Using my fitness as a form of transport I actually went a whole week without driving, which was pretty cool. I am looking to sell my bike and upgrade for next season so if your looking for a full carbon bike I have a 56 and your can have it ready to go with 105 for $2000 CDN. For details shoot me an email at

As for life, pretty much caught up with the family. Me and the dog have had a lot of time to hang out which is nice. I have been working on my mental state, as sometimes the high training volume can take a toll. Really just trying to live as clean as possible, maintaining the minimal bread and dairy. Got rid of my truck with hopes the cash will help me fund my next bike purchase. I will be graduating in april with a B.Kin. From there its just find a job that can pay the bills and allow me to do the things I love. Isn't that everyones battle?

Anyways I am going to let some more stuff pile up, I am sure Christmas will be a hoot. Until then train safe, train smart.

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