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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Twilight Zone

For any of you that check the blog and wonder hey its been a while since he has written in here? Longer then usual? It because I have been in the twilight zone. The rest of November was fairly mundane with picking up the odds shifts at random jobs, school, and various treatment to help my shoulder. There were a few times I felt inspired to write but I just never got around to it. Plus I really had no racing plans for next year. I was in limbo.

Now when December came around that is when I truly entered the "twilight zone". What is it you ask? Well for someone like me who sleeps regular hours 10-6, 12-8, 1-9 etc. With the exception of the night of a good party which might throw me off I am a person who appreciates a good sleep. In December the post office gets busy.....very busy. For those who don't know I got hired on at Canada Post last April. Well for the past few weeks I have been getting shifts all week from 2am-7am, 12am-8am, 10pm-6am back to back. Need less to say it has thrown me for a loop. I work all night I sleep all day and I don't really see normal people just the other zombies at the post office at 2am. I will say the first week was hard but now going on to my fourth week I can say that I am well adjusted, and oddly enough I kind of enjoy being a creature of the night. My brother calls it being on another level. He said "man your room is right beside mine and I havent seen you in days". Its crazy but hey I needed a change because November was a bore.

On the racing front I could not take it any longer I needed a goal. I was unmotivated and getting fat fast. So this week I signed up and I am in for Ironman 70.3 Florida in Halnes city. As soon as you click the accept button your cognition shifts. "Shit I want to fucking crush this race, time to drop the hammer". Everyone is different and having an upcoming race really motivates me. Some people can be motivated enough just to stay fit. Right now in my life I have a competitive drive to push to the next level. I don't want to just be fit or just finish I want to race and I want to place. This will be my first race in the new age category 25-29 so the competition gets a little tougher but I also have another year to make improvements. This is an exciteing time and will also help with discipline this Christmas season.

Other then that life is good. Got most of the Christmas shopping done, got some cash coming in, and got a race to look forward to. Nothing to complain about. Its all good. To help you stay motivated here is another beautiful display of running from Craig Alexander Kona 2012.

Stay Motivated!

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