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Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year New Place

Well I made it out of the twilight zone. It was rough couple weeks, but was easily drowned out with the alcoholidays. There are families that drink and families that don't, in my family however we have been blessed with the gene which not only requires you to drink but also allows you to consume large quantities of booze.

So between the overnight shifts at the post office and the binge drinking at Christmas I needed to get out of Winnipeg. Which is why for the last 3 years I have the perfectly timed trip to banff for new years. It was a little different this year because we ended up driving out in a convoy of 2 pick ups and 2 vans, due to the low number of people signed up. But it was still a blast none the less. I was able to regain my discipline and get in 4 runs (running runs) after the days of riding. I guess all those long nights at the postoffice helped me to tap into unknown energy sources, because I was also able to drive the whole way there and the whole way back 16hrs solo.

Once back in Winnipeg it was pretty much back to the norm... with a little twist. I moved out. I was just getting sick of the house, too much negative energy. But it feels good to be out now! I am calmer and have become much more organized. It will be interesting to see what happens in training.

Shoulder update:
Well I have been through physio, massage, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, reiki and nothing seems to be working. I have not swam in over a month and I am not getting better. I have now been referred to one of the top shoulder specialists in the city to get a more concrete answer to what is going on with my shoulder.

I look forward to the month ahead with a little bit of freedom and a lot of training!!

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