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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The 5 k

Well all things considered this week I still had a good race. I put in 48 hours at work and still managed to put in all my training. I really had no other life outside of that. But this is short term and if I can make it happen now I will be stronger later.

Overall the week was good busy but good. Sunday has been the only day I have had off. I didnt know how the race was going to go my body was exhausted from the week of working and training. I have been very careful to watch my nutrition. I figured that was the least I could to for my body. I woke up today and my legs were tired. That was expected, so I went through a detailed warm up. I tried to mentally just blank my mind. I was doubting myself, then I rememmbered "its only 5k, and its the first race and it really means nothing. Just go run enjoy yourself." So I did I raced comforatblely I was able to average my hr at 171 and 6:03 mile. Final time was 19:14. For the first race I am happy with that, its just a set point for the rest of the year.

Not matter how you look at it racing is hard, it is painful from start to finish. When you finish it feels good cause you know you went all out. But man is it hard. I was exahusted when I got home. I can go for 12 mile runs or 3 hour cycles and not be as tired. I guess its because of the prolonged time of being anarobic your muscles are just tring to catch back up.

This week looks a little better then the last, and I am exctied to start fresh on monday.

Happy training

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  1. Davis, great time. My cousin did it as well, Jason Guarino. He follows my blog and is doing the 10 km next week. You guys should hook up at the race. Jason Guarino

    Maybe drop him an email. He's a great guy.