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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recovery Race

After Calgary it was nice to email MAO and have them tell me take it easy for 2 weeks do some unscheduled training and recover. I was able to get a lot accomplished around the house and on my truck.

During this time I also had signed up for an Olympic distance race in riding mountain. I signed up because it is the nicest race in this area. It was nice to race without pressure. I was an aweful day there where 3 to 4 foot waves on the swim it was raining and windy on the bike, but at least the run was nice.

The swim was brutal. Its been a long time in a triathlon since I have drank that much water.

On the cycle for some reason I had trouble getting my HR down. It took almost 20 mins for it to steady state, It was super cold too which didnt help.

Finally after all that I got to the run course. Running felt good the course was in the trees and I was able to average at 160 hr and run an avg pace of 7:09. I finished with a big smile nice and relaxed.

Overall I feel good. I can use a bit more rest, but I am anxious to get back to training.

Riding mountain triathlon

Place (1) 2:26:13
Men 15-24
Swim 29:04
Bike 1:13:44
Run 43:26

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