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Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold One

Well during the next three months Thursdays I only have a lab in the afternoon. So they will be used to catch up on life. I utilized the day by setting up the deposit system for the reading week snowboard trip, and also getting my perscription for the twinrex vaccination. I am cutting it close because its a three time shot and I will get the second on a day before I leave.

It was really cold here today and I couldnt even start my run until later on. By the time I started out I think it was about -25C not including the windchill which slammed it to about -35C or so. But I have delt with this before and I layered properly and designed my run so I started out into the wind and was able to sweat the whole way back with no problems. My Hr was unsually high but what can you expect at -35 the body is fighting just to stay warm. Ethier way I did manage to finish and I spent the rest of the night with Kelcie watching a movie with a big fire. Very relaxing.

Sport: Run
Duration: 53 min 6 sec
Distance: 7.16 mi
Avg. hr: 158
Avg. speed: 8.1 mi/h
Avg. pace: 7:25 / mi
Intensity: 6

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