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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Takling to My Body and Feeling Better

The school groove is starting to set in. I am having no troubles waking up early, I feel well rested, the bills are paid, I have all my books and lab manuals, and I know when I have time to train. I think this was a big part of my tiredness last week. I couldn't figure it out because I was taking more rest but I was feeling more tired and my muscles were fatigued. But between the carb binge a nice cold water swim and a day of rest I am starting to feel better.

I never thought I would look forward to swimming. But now I do, its fun tring to be as lean and long as possible. I feel effecient, the water and I dont fight any more we have a good relationship.

As for Tuesday Kelcie convinced my it was probabily in my best interest to just take the one day off. She was probabily right, when your in it you cant see yourself from the out side. I will admit it was hard to take the day because I felt fine. I have felt a lot worse. But then I would get little reminders as to why I took the day off. Like when I was walking Layla and I ran a little bit with her. My legs were telling me "ummm not today give us some protein and rest we will work for you later this week". Haha I agreed.

Duration: 1 hr
Distance: 3000.0 m
Avg. speed: 0.8 m/s
Avg. pace: 2:00 / 100 m
Intensity: 5

Rest Day

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