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Monday, November 9, 2009

Home for A Rest.

We= Davis and Chad

Well to say the least we DID Vegas. From the moment we showed up to the moment we left it was eventful. I will try to recap as much as I can on here but this blog will only be good enough to breifly recall the memories as vegas is an experiance that can not be expressed through words.

Wednesday Arrival Day:

Well it was up at 4:30 and off to the airport for what was going to be an amazing 5 days. We made it through all the security and caught the flight the people on the plane were fun and the time went by fast. In denver we grabbed a quick Mc breakfast and caught the transfer flight. This one was a little less eventful but also much shorter. From there it was all Vegas baby. We checked out bags at the hotel at 10AM and we had to burn time till 4. So we did what anyone would do got players cards and started to gamble. But when you gamble in vegas drinks are free!!! So we got pissed and had fun. Got into the room at 4pm and relaxed and set up and changed and got out by about 6. From there we had a few more drinks and hopped a limo to the Stratosphe. Where when we walked in it was all you can drink for 20 bucks. So we sat down pay 20 bucks and got pissed. Then on our way up to the rides we stopped in for a quick Oxygen treatment at the oxygen bar. Then we hit all the rides the spinnning on the drop one and the Drop of doom one. By this time I think it was Thursday was I will start a new day.

Thursday starting at 12AM

From the stratosphere we went to the strip club. Which to say the least was greasy. WE got back to the hotel around 3 and grabbed a quick bite at the bar. We hit the sack around 5:30. Up again at 7:30 Chad and I decided to Hit SEMA. When we arrived Our minds exploded. The cars were undescibible and only pictures can do some justice. We even got taken for a ride in a vette with a professional driver. When we got back to the hotel I went for a run then we met up with everyone else and went out again to explore the strip. So we walked we drank we gambled. Then we met up with my aunt and uncle at Margaritaville that was fun. From there we continued to walk and gamble and have fun. Untill about 5 in the morning again.

Up by 10 and back at SEMA by noon we spent the day there and even met Travis Pastrana. We got back to the hotel went for a swim in the pool cause it was a bomby 30 degrees celcius and then went out yet again to hit the town. This time to a Piano Bar where we had the whole crowd lovin us. Air Drums Air gutiar and even some people from saskatoon.

This was the only day were we had some recovery. Took it easy in the day and went shopping at the outlet mall. That took a better part of the day. I grabbed a couple hours after that then it was back to the strip for a final night of good times. We made our way to old vegas. And back to the Rio were I played craps won and got drugged.

I hadnt slept since some time saturday after noon and we caught the plane at 7 am it was a long trip home. Its good to be home for a rest.

Write off I slept till 3 went for a drug test and then went for a swim.

Run in vegas on Thursday:
1:00:00/8miles/7:29 pace

Monday Swim with club:

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