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Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Bloggers

Today I read some really good blogs. Some people put ons of effort into these blogs. I cant or just dont want to afford the time to spend on writing a huge blog. But I go have lots of respect for those that do, there creativity amazes me. I got everything really organized today because this weekend is going to be a busy one. I am having my real birthday party this weekend. Its going to be an iron drinking weekend. I cant wait.

The swim today was nice a lot nicer then last weeks swim. The water was cool and made for an enjoyable swim. The only issue I ran into was having trouble breathing because I had had some greasy food earlier that after noon. My body has become quite picky with the swimming routine, and even tough I think I can beat it or change it... I cant.

Duration: 1 hr
Distance: 3000.0 m
Avg. hr: 0
Avg. speed: 0.8 m/s
Avg. pace: 2:00 / 100 m
Intensity: 5


  1. IRON drinking! thhoise are awesome weekendds, they help in the oeverall effort and I beleive everyone should take one once in a while. It's all about perspective and those weekends help define! Happy Birthday!(belated)

  2. Thank you I am doing a beer run similar to Paynes run but we are having a kegger after then hittin the bar. It should be fun I haven't had a night out in a long time since I spent the summer training and then when my A race was finished everyone was back in school!