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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pre birthday

Haha its actually my birthday now but I felt like pretending I wrote this prior to my actual birthday. It was a fast day today. It seemed as though right after I got up I was at work. It was pantages so it wasnt that bad. That is probabilay the easiest job I have ever had. I enjoy going to that job. I made my way to the gym after my shift it, which I find is always interesting. Those body builders always amaze me they do one set and then stand and talk for like 10 minutes. I find it hilarious, I don't know I enjoy sweating like crazy and gettin tired its fun. I did something different tonight and went to a techno show. It was fun I like jammin to that its very free spirtied its like a bunch of new age hippies. HAHA

20min cycle 85% hr
20min Run 85% hr

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