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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Preparing for winter

In Winnipeg winter is bad real bad. The temperatures are disgusting we get a bunch of snow but no where to snowboard, it gets blown off the prairies and forms drifts which always makes it hard for the snowmobile rs. It is awful. So I spent most of the day setting up my training gear, and cleaning out the car for winter. Brought up all my winter running clothes,took the battery out of my summer truck, cleaned the garage for the party this weekend and ordered a new trainer for my bike(which I will have to take pictures of when it arrives)!!!

All in all I managed once again to stay fairly productive. My cycle last week was probabily the last one I will fit in out side this year today I moved down stairs and used the rollers for a quick workout. It is not riding outside but it was more enjoyable then last year. Last year I was really struggling to get into the groove but now training is just part of my life and it is no longer a hassle to squeeze in. I hope to keep it that way.

Cycle on Rollers Intervals:
Time: 60min
Avg HR: 138


  1. Mark Allen told me his best ever bike gains were when he rode 2 days a week on the trainer.

  2. I cant wait I got a really good one I will make sure to bring it when we do syracuse. Its a kurt kinetic one. I will be watchin a lot of movies this winter. We should call eachother while we are doing long rides on the trainers.