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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meant to be

The universe works in mysterious ways. I slept in today after the long night last night. I just slept till I felt good that's all, I woke up energized. I was sleeping at Kelcie's so I made my way home for today cycle. I fueled up and headed down stairs by around 3 or so. When I hopped on I noticed it wasn't riding as smooth as it should. Since I was going to be on here for 2 hours I wanted it to be running perfect. I figured it was something small just rubbing. anyways I ended up burning about a half hour adjusting the trainer and checking my drive train. I was starting to get really frustrated. But I then found a minor hole in my tire which had caused it to expand making a bump in the tire causing the rough ride. So I swapped it out quickly with a tire from my dads bike and I was on my way.

This delay had really bugged me. I just wanted to hop on and go. Once I started riding how ever I could see the reason for the delay. I turned on the TV and on the channel it was on the Ironman World Championships from Kona Hawaii were on. I had been following it on the forums so I had already known the outcome but I was still so excited to watch!!!

As I started to ride and warm up I was getting more and more pumped. NBC's coverage was really really good and they not only covered the pros but also captured truly amazing stories about ordinary people and the dream of completing the Ironman World Championships.

There was a guy who had cancer for 20 years of his life not knowing if he was going to live and he was crying at the thought of finishing. He missed the swim cut by 7 seconds. This brought a grown man to his knees in pain. There were 2 navy officers who had to do all there training on ships. One of them does 3 hr treadmill runs. There was a 58yr old women who had a stroke. And said everything is an accomplishment crossing the start is an accomplishment starting the bike is and accomplishment finishing the bike is and accomplishment. 2yrs ago she had to re learn to walk. On that day she was an Ironman. There was a boy with no legs he had to do the entire cycle using only his gluts. He missed the cut off by 5 minutes, still an amazing effort.

They also showed footage of old Ironmans, footage of (arguably) the worlds fittest people collapsing 400m from the finish line of a 140.6 mile race. There was one women this year that did not make the cut off and was helped across the line almost unconcious. But in the minds of the people that day she was an Ironman.

As for the pros, well they are just disgusting. Christie Wellington, and Craig Alexzander are both absolute machines. Christie didnt even have competition, she was racing against the course record. Craig Alexzander made up a 12 min deficit from the bike with almost no signs of pain on his face to join Mark Allen, Dave Scott and Tim Deboom as defending Ironman Champions.

Watching the race was probabilay one of the most inspireing things I have seen in a long time. My heart rate was even higher then normal. Although I had to cut my ride short to go to work I came home after just to finish, becuase I was so motivated.

Bike 1: 3:30pm-4:30pm
Duration: 1 hr
Avg. hr: 151
Intensity: 7

Bike 2: 9:30pm-10:30
Duration: 1 hr
Avg. hr: 146
Intensity: 4

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