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Monday, December 14, 2009

What a weekend

Sunday was a night to be remembered. The day started with sorness in my inner thigh. I think its the cold and the dehydration form the alcohol. It got to the point were I wasnt gonna be runnin. I took the day off and just iced it. Which seemd to have payed off today.

At night it was the pantages staff party and its so weird but so much fun. Its a potluck and free booze. There is so much good food and so much free booze. By the end of the night I had my manager playing tippy cup against me and the other bar tender. A bottle of gin and case a beer later we decide to head to my buddy robs for a few more beers and some online poker( Won $10 bucks). And then finally called it a night at around 4:30.

I think I am going to move my blogging time to mid day, and I will talk about the previous day. Tring to squeeze it in at night is hard because I never know when it might end. But in the day I am inspired to write more because I am not about to fall alseep. I will try and get a pic of the trainer up tomorrow as well.

Rest Day pulled groin

Duration: 1 hr
Distance: 3050.0 m
Avg. hr: 0
Avg. speed: 0.8 m/s
Avg. pace: 1:58 / 100 m
Intensity: 4


  1. excellent writing for being drunk. I couldn't even tell. haha

  2. Bryan is going to think I am old for this comment.....but, how the hell do you do it? I can drink beers with teh best of them, but, a workout the next day, no, doesnt work! SOuds like an awesome weekend!

  3. Its all mental. I love training I love it there is nothing in the world that will stop me from getting my daily endorphin rush. It is mind over matter. Before you start no matter how shitty you feel take a couple deep breathes and exhale any shitty feeling you might have and inhale the energy you will need to make it through. Use the training session as a cleanse. Maybe that will help your mindset in tough times.

    Thanks for reading and commenting :)