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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Green Machine

Most of yesterday was spent driving. I had ordered my new bike trainer from the states and I had to go pick it up. It was worth it I saved a pile of money. Its the new Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. Its pretty sick. Its a fluid magnet trainer the resistance unit has two magnetic wheels in a fluid chamber and its the only trainer out there with no drive shaft. Another main feature is that the fluid in the trainer is actually liquid silicone and is thermodynamically neutral. Which means it does not become more viscous as you continue to ride and as it heats up. With this trainer it will not heat up and the resistance is consistent through out the entire workout.

I haven't had a chance to fully hammer on it yet but I will put in a better update when I do. In the afternoon I went for a freezing cold tempo run which felt pretty good most of the way but the cold air really began to take a beating on me after about 40 minutes.

I capped off the night playing poker with my friends, it was great, for the first time I made it to the top 3!! I played for free last night. I guess playing online is really payin off.

6.22miles will update stats later