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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tidy Up To Get Sloppy.

Since I plan on pretty much writing this weekend off I am working on getting as much done now as possible. So this morning I printed off a couple of sheets to help me organized the things I need. Then I went for a run cause I knew I would not get home till later. The run was good but it is now officially cold! I think its safe to say its gonna stay that way so no more skimping out on dressing up.

I left the house at 11 and I knew I wasn't gonna be back for a while. The first stop was a hair cut. I arrived early so I went the the store next door and got some stuff for the party. I then got the chop. I like my hair dresser he always makes it look good. Which is good cause I never really tell him what I want I just say cut it and make it look good. You cant do that at the mall but he is good at what he does.

Feeling fresh I needed to make a stop by the university and check some things to do with the ski trip and have some lunch with Kelcie. My downtown adventures were capped off with a doctors appointment. From there I needed to get home cause the dog had been in the back room all day and needed a walk. I enjoy walking the dog it is very relaxing, very calming... usually. But today was freezing not that it matters to the dog she just loves to be out side.

Now I am just stressing about the things I need to get tomorrow so I should probably go make a list.

Duration: 38 min 1 sec
Distance: 5.22 mi
Avg. hr: 0
Avg. speed: 8.2 mi/h
Avg. pace: 7:17 / mi
Intensity: 4

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