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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Steeple Chase

Today was long run day. Of course its one of the coldest days this week. All morning I was finding other things to do, trying to wait for it to warm up. It never really did. I took a big afternoon nap, which is unusual for me. But I am guessing its from the christmas season. After that I felt I had a little extra energy. Also my aunt called to ask me about my long run which was kind of a kick in the ass to get out the door.

There were many factors to make todays run harder. It was cold this is the first year the cold has really effected my cardio I guess its just me getting older. There was a blizzard that hit Winnipeg Christmas Eve and Christmas day so the streets were covered in snow. They had been plowed but the running paths were not plowed. I was losing massive amounts of power each stride. With the snow also comes snow clearing and I was going over snow banks and drifts some were a good 3 feet. I guess thats the best we get for hills. I made the best of it and it kept things interesting.

I started out not being able to get under the 8 min/mile mark. I had to calm myself and remind my self its winter now, and take into account all of the above. When I did get some dry pavement it was a treat I even ran a couple miles in the 7:20s. I was happy to be done the run today. Felt like I was running in a desert/steeple chase going over those snow banks. O well I got it done and I leave for Banff tomorrow so I am hoping to get some good runs in out there!

LSD Run:
Duration: 1 hr 3 min 55 sec
Distance: 8.0 mi
Avg. speed: 7.5 mi/h
Avg. pace: 7:59 / mi
Intensity: 5

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